Once again, Roddin College has embraced its annual Homecoming Day.
— Event text

The Homecoming Reunion event that ran from September 17th to 23rd, 2017.

How to Play Edit

Players were shown two outfits and a styling theme. Players were to choose the outfit that would score better for the theme to gain Balloon (Balloons). Exchange the Balloon for pieces of the Alumni Ace and Prom Princess suits. 5 Balloon were rewarded for choosing correctly and 3 Balloon for the wrong outfit. 10 free attempts were given every day and more attempts could be bought for 20 Diamond each.


Total Cost (Both Suits): 435 Balloon

Alumni AceEdit

Prom PrincessEdit


Scores are based on attributes.

Galaxy BallEdit

Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Warm

What to look for: Masks and Veils

Gentle GuideEdit

Simple Elegant Mature Sexy Cool

Hot PursuitEdit

Simple Lively Cute Pure Cool

What to look for: Scarves

Swimsuit RacingEdit

Simple Lively Cute Sexy Cool

What to look for: the shorter outfit

Warm Star JourneyEdit

Gorgeous Lively Cute Sexy Warm

What to look for: Sweaters

Videos Edit

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