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Home Stylist is a Home feature that allows players to decorate the rooms of other players and request that their own rooms be decorated.

Home Stylist Menu[]

The Home Stylist menu

The home stylist menu consists of six buttons that allow the player to manage and accept commissions.

Above the main menu, the player can view their total fans and praises, rank, experience and Style Info. This will display stats relating to the player's finished commissions.

  • My Commission: Commissions accepted from the Commissions Market appear here until finished. From this menu, the player can visit the commission publisher or access the room they will be designing.
  • Mailbox: Any pending commissions the player has received will appear here, where they can be accepted.
  • Commissions Market: Public commission requests appear here.
  • Commission Diary: This menu allows the player to view their completed commissions. It includes both their best work and a collection of all their latest commissions.
  • Photo Wall: This menu allows you to view all recent commissions by stylists that were posted to their photo wall. You can also view commissions by users you follow.
  • Style Rankings: This menu allows the player to view their total praise for the week and ranking from the previous week, as well as view the leaderboards from both this week and last week.

Home Stylist Certification[]

The image to recreate

To access most of the menu and begin publishing or accepting commissions, the player must pass the Home Stylist Certification. The player is given 1 free attempt per day, but can purchase more with diamonds.

To pass, the player must recreate the given image as closely as they can using the given furniture. If the result is at least a 60% match, the player will pass and be given access to the rest of the Home Stylist features.

Commissions Market[]

Public commission requests that have not yet been accepted appear here. The Change button will refresh the menu, and the Style Filter button allows the player to filter by tags.

Commissions are displayed with the publisher's name and avatar, style tag preference, commission adoption rate, total unique collected furniture and reserve.

If a commission has been accepted by another player while displayed, it cannot be accepted.

Style Rankings[]

Every week, the player can claim the following reward based on both their praise and leaderboard ranking.

Ranking Reward
Praise 1 10000 Gold, 10 Diamonds
Praise 3 20000 Gold, 20 Diamonds
Praise 5 30000 Gold, 30 Diamonds
Praise 7 40000 Gold, 40 Diamonds
Praise 10 50000 Gold, 50 Diamonds
Rank No. 1 600 Heart Ticket.png, 80000 Gold, Glory of the Champion
Rank No. 2 500 Heart Ticket.png, 70000 Gold
Rank No. 3 400 Heart Ticket.png, 60000 Gold
Rank No. 4-10 350 Heart Ticket.png, 50000 Gold
Rank No. 11-20 300 Heart Ticket.png, 40000 Gold
Rank No. 21-50 250 Heart Ticket.png, 30000 Gold
Rank No. 51-100 200 Heart Ticket.png, 20000 Gold
Rank No. 101-500 150 Heart Ticket.png, 10000 Gold


Commissions are the primary mechanic of the Home Stylist feature. Publishing a commission allows for a player to decorate the publisher's room.

Accepting a Commission[]

The player can accept public commissions from the Commissions Market, or a targeted commission from the Mailbox.

Upon accepting the commission, the player can access it from the My Commission icon. The publisher will be sent an automated message to their BBS upon accepting the commission.

Once the commission has been accepted, the player can decorate the room with the publisher's furniture. Extra furniture can be bought from the Users Furniture icon using the reserve.

Once 10 minutes have elapsed, the player can submit the commission as finished, preventing them from further altering their design.

Commissioning Another Player[]

The commission menu

Public commissions can be posted via the Publish buttons, either in the main Home interface or the Commissions Market menu. Private commissions can be posted via the Commission buttons, either in the requested player's house or in their Stylist Diary.

  • Commissioned Room: The room the commissioned player will design. This can be selected using the Change Room button.
  • Furniture Collection: The player needs at least 30 pieces of furniture to publish a commission.
  • Pieces of furniture placed in the room: No more than 10 pieces of furniture can be placed in a submitted room. This includes the wallpaper and flooring, limiting the player to 8 placed items.
  • Style Preference: The player can assign a style tag to their commission to suggest a theme to the stylist. The available tags are Simple, Deluxe, Sweet, Antique, Creative and Fashion.
  • Reserve: The player can reserve up to 999 of their Heart Tickets Heart Ticket.png, which will allow the stylist to buy furniture exclusively for the commission. Unused Heart tickets will be returned if the commission is adopted, and if the commission is refused, times out or not adopted the entire reserve will be returned.

Adopting a Finished Commission[]

Once a commission is finished, the player will be alerted. From here, the commission can be praised, adopted, praised and adopted or neither. If the commission expires, it will be praised and adopted automatically.

Warning: if a commission expires and is automatically adopted, only unused reserve tickets will be returned. The player cannot get back tickets that have been spent.