Holy Starry Night[1] is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from the Clothes Store.

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When the first snowflake fell, Kimi gravely put the Xmas socks beside the bed. 'Don't forget my gift!'
Christmas Eve

A man in uniform walked out the church. Even in the Xmas Night, there are patrols on the street.
Holy Starry Night

Ring, ring. Neva, wear this cute reindeer suit. I will play the Santa Claus and bring you gifts!
Snowy Night Bell

When Yvette walked out of the government, it's already snowing. She tucked her outfit and walked home.
Snow in Sky

Momo, after eating so much grilled fish, you are good enough to replace the turkey for dinner!
Bright Street

In a luxurious restaurant, candlelight lit up the sound of the violin. The boy seems to be a bit nervous.
Snow Hairband

The girl in her delicate but not warm clothes felt a little cold, then the senior gave her his coat.
Holy Night Silk Scarf

In the gift box lies a soft gingerbread doll. This is the lastest Xmas version by AAG.
Gingerbread Lady

On a dish of roast turkey and amber-color champagne, Orlando is bidding Mr. Lancelot goodbye.
Holy Star Umbrella

Just like before, Mr. Joe put the delicate gift in the socks. The snow gathers. He left in silence.
Christmas Eve-Feather

The young man stopped, trying to find out from where the chirp came.
Holy Starry Night-Feather

First, the deers should stay beside Santa Claus to send gifts. Second, I don't need a gift. Neva said.
Snow Night Bell-Feather

Looking back to the south, Nidhogg smiled. With the flame inside, he walked into the northern blizzard.
Snow in Sky - Feather

Look, Bobo, all the people on the street are in couples. So I have to stay with my grilled fish.
Bright Street-Star

The meal is delicious and the wine is excellent. But they are nothing compared to the fool before me.
Snow Hairband-Feather

I happened to touch my senior's hand. I want to avoid but you just took my hand. What a warm hand.
Holy Night Scarf-Feather

Nikki was cooking gingerbread in the apron. After Momo was full, Nikki finally baked an ideal batch.
Gingerbread Men

To find a place near to sky to divine will yield very accurate results! Yikes, where am I now?
Starry Umbrella-Feather

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  1. The name Holy Starry Night is unofficial, as there was no name given by the game or official account.

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