A special map for the Hip-Hop Hotspot event. There are 5 stages with 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battle stages. Stamina is not needed to complete these stages. You are given 3 free attempts for each stage daily and failing a stage will not deduct an attempt. You can reset the attempts of the styling battle stages for 30 Diamond. Complete these stages to get Graffiti Paint Graffiti Paint.


1 - Griffon Bay Edit

  • Style: Simple, Lively, Cute, Sexy, Cool

Griffon Bay street in Apple is the holy land for all the hip-hop fans. Change into something chic to wander about.[1]

  • Momo: Why it's called Griffon Bay? Isn't Apple an inland country?
  • Kimi: Many years ago, a group of graffiti artists paints the city into an ocean overnight, and it got this name.
  • Momo: What's the legendary hip-hop party? Will there be any beautiful girls?
  • Nikki: Look, a girl is painting graffiti there.
  • Momo: She's drawing... HIP HOP? How abstract~
  • Nikki: Hello, I'm Nikki. Are you here to join the hip-hop party?
  • (Miky's hands are covered with colorful marks. She's now painting her name 'Miky')
  • Momo: Amazing! Do you paint all these alone? You should join the graffiti contest!
  • (Miky wrote a 'YES' on the wall.)
  • Nikki: We'll definitely support! Besides the graffiti, will there be rap and street dance contest?
  • (Miky nodded, then ran away quickly.)
  • Momo: Eh? Why are leaving...
  • Skateboard Girl: Miky! Wait! Wait! Ah--Sorry! I don't mean to overturn your drink!
  • (A skateboard girl arrived like wind, with coke on her clothes.)
  • Nikki: Nothing. Are you looking for Miky?
  • Acardia: Yes, I'm Acardia, a friend of Miky! You know her? It's her graffiti. I can even recognize it at first glance!
  • Momo: Why did she run away from you?
  • Acardia: Just a mistake... Ah, they are coming. I have to go now!
  • Street Guy: Stop! We're not finished yet!
  • Nikki: Waw, this is really street.
  • Momo: Didn't expect Kimi could be so cool in such chic clothes. Take the opportunity and contest with her, Nikki~

2 - Kaja's Show Edit

  • Quiz Stage

Nikki, do you come here to join the party too? I have a show later. Can you help me put up some posters?[1]

3 - Orlando's Quest Edit

  • Quiz Stage

The party attracted so many tourists. Can you help me maintain order? I'll be right here if anything happens.[1]

4 - Domain Fight Edit

  • Style: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool
  • Tags: Sports

I will take the best place in Graffiti Wall for Miky. Change into track suit and follow my skateboard![1]

  • Momo: The part is to begin soon. Nikki, let's check out the Griffon Graffiti Wall.
  • Nikki: Yeah. We can cheer for Miku. Eh, is that skateboard girl Acardia?
  • Acardia: We took this place first! Why should we give it up to you?
  • Graffiti Player: Oh, you seem not happy? You girls are new here, right? You know who I am?
  • Acardia: Have a contest with me. It's yours if you win!
  • Graffiti Player: Sweet. To show kindness to green hand, pick what you want!
  • Acardia: Rap! Let's compete Freestyle. Vote with your paint can!
  • Graffiti Player: You seem confident. So let's do it!
  • (Acardia and the graffiti player had tight fight, attracting many people. At last, Acardia won several more paint cans.)
  • Momo: Is that really true? They could compose lyrics like daily talk. Cool!
  • Nikki: Congrats, Acardia! Eh, is that Miky? Does she still avoid you?
  • Acardia: We were the best friends. We're both big fans of hip-hop. But my parents don't like what I like and took me far away.
  • Acardia: Back then, Miky's parents happened to divorce. My leaving was like an insult to injury.
  • Nikki: Miky is so silent and lonely. Maybe that's the reason...
  • Acardia: She closed the door. She doesn't want to see me or forgive me...
  • Nikki: Do you have anything to say to her? We can help you.
  • Acardia: Thank you, Nikki! I will take a great graffiti wall for her. Please let her know!
  • Acardia: Now change into an outfit suitable for sports and follow my skateboard!

5 - Make Peace Edit

  • Style: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Warm

Please change into something not easily to get smeared and enjoy the street art![1]

  • Momo: The whole place is taken by the works of the graffiti players!
  • Acardia: The Graffiti Wall area is the most famous place, and where hip-hop final is held too. Miky's been dreaming about here.
  • Nikki: Miky, is your work going well?
  • (Miky painted an exaggerated smile on the wall, but didn't take the stare form Acardia.)
  • Nikki: Acardia wanted to tell you this. Show your talent and win the contest!
  • (Miky threw away the spray can)
  • Miky: Acardia, let's have a contest over your favorite street dance.
  • Acardia: You forgave me! I'm so sorry, for everything...
  • Miky: No need to say that. (Unzip the coat) Come on!
  • (The music is ready. The audiences are cheering and clapping.)
  • Nikki: They're both so good, and so cool!
  • Momo: Miky looks much melted now. Maybe she had forgiven Acardia already~
  • Acardia: What a dance! I've been missing the days we had, and the unfinished graffiti in your basement.
  • Miky: That place is wasted already. Do you still remember the white cloud and chirping birds?
  • Acardia: We had a promise to always chase freedom together. Do you mind if I want to honor that after so many years?
  • Miky: I... don't...
  • Momo: How touching...
  • Nikki: Finally they made peace with each other. How nice.
  • Acardia: Let's finish this graffiti first. Come and join us, Nikki!
  • Nikki: Eh? I've never...
  • Miky: It's okay! Change into something not easily to get smeared and enjoy the street art!


Q. What forms does graffiti cover?
A. All the rest
Q. Where does contemporary hip-hop originate?
A. America
Q. Which function is included in DJ devices?
A. All of them
Q. What's BPM short for in hip-hop?
A. Beats per minute
Q. Where does House style originate?
A. Chicago
Q. What is DJ?
A. An occupation
Q. What does Freestyle mean in hip-hop?
A. Improvised rap
Q. Who is known to coin the term 'hip hop'?
A. Keith 'Cowboy' Wiggins
Q. What’s the birthplace of DJ Kool Herc?
A. Jamaica
Q. What’s NOT necessary for street graffiti?
A. Lipstick
Q. What does Tag refer to in graffiti?
A. Signature
Q. Usually, what’s NOT the feature of hip-hop clothes?
A. Grave
Q. What’s MC short for?
A. Master of ceremonies
Q. What’s NOT the type of street dance?
A. Samba
Q. Where can you find graffiti usually?
A. All the rest
Q. When did hip-hop music start?
A. 1970s
Q. What does beatbox mean?
A. Vocal percussion
Q. Which element is NOT common in hip-hop?
A. Symphony
Q. What Battling in rap?
A. A vocal contest
Q. What should you take when you watch a street show?
A. All the rest

Reference Edit

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