In Apple's hip-hop hotspot, Griffon Street, a grand hip-hop party is to be held. On the cool stage, what kind of street style will the two youngsters show?
— Event text

The Hip-Hop Hotspot event that ran from January 10th to 16th, 2018

How to Play Edit

There was an event map with 5 stages. Two stages were quiz stages and the other three were Styling battles.

The player was given 3 free attempts for each stage, daily. Failing a stage would not deduct the attempts.

Stamina is not needed to complete the stages. Completing the stages rewarded Graffiti Paint(Graffiti Paint).

Exchange the Graffiti Paint for pieces of the Street Extreme and Graffiti Tempest suits.

Suits Edit

Street ExtremeEdit

Total Cost: 930 Graffiti Paint

Graffiti TempestEdit

Total Cost: 930 Graffiti Paint

Video Edit

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