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Hidden Suits are coordinating sets that aren't part of the Collection, and don't come with a completion reward. They have congruent themes between the items, usually made evident by the naming or description of each piece.

Additionally, Coord Sets are sets of items with similar characteristics to Hidden Suits, with the distinction that they lack a matching hair item, making them considered to be "incomplete". The default hair, Nikki's Pinky is used as a placeholder.

For coordinating items (sets that don't meet the requirements to be considered a hidden suit or coord set), please see the page Coordinating Items.

Mystery House[]

Pavilion of Fantasy[]

Time Yard[]

Tower of Zen[]

Corridor of Clock[]

Porch of Misty[]



Coord Sets[]


Hidden Suits
Auspicious CloudsBlue Phoenix TuneBright FutureButterfly RibbonCrescentDocile AlpacaEvergreen FlowerStar ShadowSweet SlumberTea-picking Tune
Shiny Spring
Energetic Space BunsMovie NightTop of Cloud
Apricot CourtBlue LilyDevout FlowerGarden TourGentle WaiterGrassland's DanceObscurityOffice BeautyPassionate BrazilSailor SuitTranquil Rose
Coord Sets
Blue PorcelainCandy HeartCloud DanceGolden LeafHalfway SmokeInnocent SailorJoyful ChildhoodLunar DecemberWater MelodyWintermount Sailor