Similar to the Gallery Suits in the game, hidden suits are coordinating sets that are not displayed in the achievement gallery. Hidden suits usually have congruent themes between the items, made evident by the naming or description of each piece.

Hidden suits contain at least a hair, a top and bottom or dress, just like a suit. Generally speaking, they are obtained via the same method. Some examples of hidden suits are Devout Flower, Gentle Waiter, and Tender Bangladesh.

For coordinating items (sets without enough pieces to be a hidden suit), please see the page Coordinating Items.

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For a list of Monthly Sign-In suits, please refer to the main article.

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Volume 1

V1: Chapter 16 Night before Storm
V1: Chapter 17 Banquet of Sakura Fall
V1: Chapter 18 Gun under Morning Star
V1: Chapter 19 Daybreak War

Volume 2

Volume 2 Chapter 1 Ode of Oren
V2: Chapter 2 Moonlit Escapade
V2: Chapter 3 Starlight- Reflection
V2: Chapter 4 Silent Forest

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With thanks to Soul_Wade's list of hidden suits.

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