Ace has dreamed to be a chivalric heroine since she was young. She is always ready to help the weak.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Dress
Style: SwordsmanEuropean
Attributes: MatureSexy
Rarity: H4
Color(s): Brown
Wardrobe #: 604
Obtained by: Fantasy Workshop
Heroine can be bought in the Fantasy Workshop for 98 StarwishHairpinIcon and 47 StarwishPendantIcon.

Appearance Edit

A suit of armor that includes a white top cut to reveal the upper chest, with brown lining and buttons on each shoulder. At the middle of the chest is a decoration. A brown vest lined in gold with several straps and two bead chains is worn over it, with a darker brown and gold studded belt over the navel. Dark brown fabric covers the arms, while the loose cuff is brown with gold detail. Dark brown short-shorts are included with a row of buttons going down the center. Multiple straps wrap around the waist, one of which holds a weapon pouch.

Customization Edit

Gallery Suit Edit

Heroine is part of the 4 Seasons suit Heroine in Armor.

The other parts of this suit are Ace, Tactical Bag, Heroine's Socks, Heroine's Boots, Swordswoman Cap, Ace's Necklace and Sword of Ace.

There is an alternative version of this suit. It contains Ace-Purple, Heroine-Purple, Tactical Bag-Purple, Heroine's Socks-Purple, Heroine's Boots-Violet, Swordswoman Cap-Purple, Ace Necklace-Purple and Sword of Ace-Purple.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Warm
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