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Hello Nikki-Let's Beauty Up is a mobile game developed by Paper Studio (previously named SuZhou Nikki Co., Ltd). It is the second game in the Nikki Up2U series.

The English version ceased its operations on November 30, 2016.[1] The Chinese server still exists, but no longer receives new suits or events outside of major holidays.


Hello Nikki is about Nikki, Momo and Nikki's older sister Nina traveling around Earth. On Nikki's birthday, her father, who was off traveling to become a famous photographer, sent her a mysterious map that supposedly led to treasure.


  • Nikki: The game's protagonist and titular character.
  • Momo: Nikki's talking pet cat.
  • Nina: Nikki's sister. She is known as Yoyo in Love Nikki.
  • Polo: A returning character from Nikki UP2U. He is a detective.
  • Brown: A runaway prince from a foreign country.
  • Pata: A girl who is interested in divination.
  • Wonderful Ambassador: A mysterious hooded figure that bears a striking resemblance to Fantasy Envoy from Love Nikki. They have the same name in both games' Chinese server, 梦幻大使.


Similar to the other games in the series, Hello Nikki is primarily based around stages which contain stories followed by a styling component, which grades the player from S through F based on their performance. As the player completes stages, they travel through various maps, which represent different real-life countries on Earth. The game also features crafting, events, and purchases to obtain new clothes.



Country Title Romanized English
China 暖暖环游世界 Nuǎn Nuǎn Huán Yóu Shìjiè Nikki Travel Around the World
Japan ニキ日記~世界旅行編~ Niki Nikki ~ Sekai Ryokō-hen ~ Nikki Diary ~ World Travel Edition ~
English Hello Nikki-Let's Beauty Up N/A N/A


The game was a popular paid app in China beginning in 2013, and was released under Cheetah Mobile a year later.[2][3]

Country Start Date Close Date Time Running Publishers
China July 23, 2013[4] (paid release)
July 10, 2014 (full release)[5]
8 years, 9 months
7 years, 10 months
Cheetah Mobile
Paper Studio / SuZhou Nikki Co., Ltd
Thailand December, 2014[4] Unknown Unknown
Japan February, 2015[4] October, 2016[6] 1 year, 7 months
English ~July, 2015 November 30, 2016 1 year, 5 months GAMEDreamer


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