Heaven Garment
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No matter how far away you're from home, you share the same moon. It bears the best wishes toward hometown.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Dress
Style: Modern China
Attributes: ElegantPure
Rarity: H4
Color(s): Gold/Blue
Wardrobe #: 1160
Obtained by: Crystal Moon Flower event
Heaven Garment could be obtained from the Crystal Moon Flower Event and can now be obtained through Recipe Crafting.

Appearance Edit

A short, pale gold dress with ruffled skirt and the fabric cut to cover the middle of the neck, where a decorative gold choker resides. Blue and gold decorative fabric is sewn on the torso, and pale gold ruffled material rests over this with bells sleeves hanging off the shoulders, attached to a thick white band that wraps around the middle. On the side of the band is a silver and blue ornament, while gold ornaments matching the one on the sleeve is sewn to the middle beneath it. A blue ribbon is tied at the middle with gold bells and ornaments. Thick, puffy fabric tails hang from the back of the dress with a large bell-like sphere inches from the end.

Crafting Edit

Crafted from: Edit

Recipe: Edit

The recipe can be claimed in the Time Diary.

Gallery Suit Edit

Heaven Garment is part of the Festivals suit Moon Chaser.

The other parts of the suit are High Moon, Crystal Branch, Osmanthus Fan and Ocean Beacon.

There is an alternate series to this suit. The posed version contains High Moon, Moon Frost, Dim Shimmer and Ocean Beacon.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Elegant Mature Pure Cool
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