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Hearty Poem (previously known as Heart Psalm) is a Pigeon suit that could be obtained through evolution of its parts, which are available in the Association Store.

Completion Prize: 20 Diamonds.

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  • Hair: Gentle Page - Epic
  • Dress: Hearty Poem - Epic
  • Hosiery: Wind in Wilds - Epic
  • Shoes: Freedom Homage - Epic
  • Hair Ornament: Lingering Fragrance - Epic
  • Gloves: Full of Stars - Epic
  • Necklace: Sunny Cloud - Epic


Item Descriptions[]

The sunlight at dawn has a soft glow. Birds chirp in the woods. Gentle breeze opens the first page of the poetry.
Gentle Page

As a poet, Green certainly loves poetry; the verses contain various colors, like the glazed sea surface.
Hearty Poem

Green loves to observe the world, the sunrise and the burning clouds. Everything in nature is like a gift of life.
Wind in Wilds

Green decided to seek the overlooked beauty in a year. She believes every scene can be turned into a flowing poem.
Freedom Homage

On the café balcony, Green looks at people on the street going to the different destinations with their worries.
Lingering Fragrance

The page was carefully folded by the book owner. 'Every free and romantic soul is bound to meet over time.'
Full of Stars

By then, Green was facing the unedited poem of life, bitter and tiring, but with rare honesty.
Sunny Cloud

The journey was long. Green was enjoying every bit of it. When resting in a villa, she met an interesting person.
Gentle Page - Rare

It was a young worker in the villa. He trims roses every morning and takes fresh fragrance to every guests' room.
Hearty Poem - Rare

In the world of poetry, roses have always been on a romantic mission to tell unsaid love. Does he think so too?
Wind in Wilds - Rare

In any case, the morning rose brings excitement to Green. The days in the villa seem to be worth cherishing.
Freedom Homage - Rare

Every morning, watching youth busy in the garden is fun for Green. The red tip on the green leaves are like flames.
Lingering Fragrance - Rare

She opened her notebook, wrote about the rose and its giver. The simple encounter turned into fate under her pen.
Full of Stars - Rare

It was a first time feeling for Green. She changed a part of the poem from a bystander.
Sunny Cloud - Rare

Soon after, Green gave youth the poem. 'Thank you for the roses. Every morning is worth looking forward to.'
Gentle Page - Epic

The next day, Green found a reply letter under the rose, looks like a short poem after she read it.
Hearty Poem - Epic

It is more of a bold try for a poetry learner. Random lines were put together. The rhythm and rhyme sounds amateur.
Wind in Wilds - Epic

Such a short poem shows the emotions of the writer, upset and anxious, as if waiting for a trial.
Freedom Homage - Epic

Green couldn't help but smiling. She replied, 'Can you please hand over the roses to me tomorrow directly?'
Lingering Fragrance - Epic

As the poetry pages fade, Green still recalls, 'Every free and romantic soul is bound to meet over time.'
Full of Stars - Epic

She took the flowers. This nomadic poet finally stopped; maybe next time she goes, she won't be alone.
Sunny Cloud - Epic


The suit describes a girl named Green, who loves poetry and observing the world. She stops at a villa, where she meets a young worker who trims roses and gives out “fresh fragrance” to each guest. He gives Green roses, and she writes about it in her notebook. Green watches him, and eventually gives him a poem thanking him for the roses. He gives her a poem in response, which she describes as “amateur” and “bold”. She takes the flowers, and finally stops.. something.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Hearty Poem N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Poème de Coeur Heart Poem
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 致心诗篇 (zhì xīn shīpiān) Hearty Poem
Japanese Flag.png Japan 心に響く詩 (Kokoro ni Hibiku Uta) Heart Warming Poem
Korean Flag.png South Korea 마음의 시 (ma-eum-ui si) Heart Poem
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Tập thơ chân tình Poem of SincerityCT
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A