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This article is about the famous fairytale writer. For the Lilith Kingdom location, please see Hayden (Location).

Hayden is a character in Love Nikki. He was a famous fairytale writer from the Lilith Kingdom, and the town of Hayden is named after him.


During his life, Hayden wrote many stories, including the famous Dream of Evernight Kingdom fairytale. He also had a daughter named Lillian, who passed away. After her death, he created a rabbit and named it after her. That rabbit went on to become a librarian to protect his story.[2] His stories are beloved long after his death, especially by Lilith girls.[4]



Dream of Evernight Kingdom[]

Princess Dawn and Queen Night in the Evernight fairytale

For more information, see Minor Subplots/Evernight's Dream.

Dream of Evernight Kingdom was one of Hayden's most popular works, and even years after he died, it was still quite popular, especially on the anniversary of his birthday.[2] It is a classic fairytale with knights, bishops, soldiers, and queens.[5]

The story features Queen Night, who brings night to the world, and Princess Dawn, who brings the dawn. However, it was said that Princess Dawn was imprisoned by Queen Night, leading to an endless night ("Evernight") that lasted for a century. Only after a warrior who could solve a series of chessboard puzzles could gain the help of the White Queen and enter the castle.[6][5]

Truthfully, Night and Dawn are the same person, and she had cursed the kingdom to an endless night after being scorned for bringing the night. At the end of the fairytale after bringing day to Evernight Kingdom again, she was dubbed the "Goddess of Real Dream".[7]

Dreamland and Star River[]

Dreamland Fairy

Hayden also wrote a fairytale about two night elves, Dreamland Fairy on the earth and Star River in the sky. Dreamland Fairy would come to the beds of children and kiss their foreheads to bring them good dreams, while Star River would arrange the stars in the shapes of animals.[8][9]

Star River

However, one night a loud mechanical boom sounded throughout the city, shaking the entire city and disturbing the sleep of children. Dreamland Fairy lost her energy because of this and fell into a deep sleep. The two elves were separated and the sky began to dim as Star River also became weak.[8][9]

With Dreamland Fairy gone, the nights became a time of nightmares and fear. Though Dreamland Fairy was asleep in some far off corner of the universe, Star River was determined to find her. Eventually, she manages to bring her back, bringing sweet dreams back to the world and lighting up the sky with her own stars.[8][9]

Dolly in White Dress[]

Dolly in White Dress was about a girl named Dolly. She was given a dress by a wood fairy, and she went on to compete in a styling contest called the "Fantasy Styling Contest" and win. As a prize, she was given a magic laurel.[10]

This fairy tale is notable for its effects on Miraland, as it's likely that it caused the real Fantasy Styling Contest to become a Lilith tradition. One popular interpretation of how this happened was that Hayden was telling the fairytale to a group of children when the King and Princess of Lilith walked by. One of the kids asked the King if there was really a contest like that, and the King decided to make it reality.[10]

Appearances and Mentions[]

Main Story[]

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Around the World[]

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Dream Weaver[]




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Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Garcia Hayden N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Garcia Hayden N/A
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 加西亚·海登 (Jiāxīyǎ · Hǎidēng) Garcia Hayden
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A


  • There is a translation error in the Time Diary in which his full name Garcia Hayden is translated to "Jaxta Seanavel".
  • Hayden's rabbit, Lillian, started to write its own fairytale, possibly the first one written by a rabbit.[11]
  • Hayden's stories were performed at Cicia Design School to honor him.[12]