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The Haunted Night event ran from October 17th to October 24th, 2017.

How to Play Edit

Complete Journey stages to collect Ghost Fire (Ghost Fire). The currency could also be collected from drawing in the event pavilion.

Collecting certain amounts of Ghost Fire allowed the player to claim parts of the Zashiki and Tengu suits. 3,800 Ghost Fire was needed to get both suits.

Pieces of the Banshee Momiji set were rewarded depending on the player's rank at the end of the event.

Ranking RewardsEdit

Top 30,000
S1001 Ho432
Banquet Danger, Maple Hunt
Top 15,000
Ha1121 A2083 S1001 Ho432
Mountain Road, Zither Player, Banquet Danger, Maple Hunt
Top 8,000
M108 Ha1121 A2083 S1001 Ho432
Maple Enchantress, Mountain Road, Zither Player, Banquet Danger, Maple Hunt
Top 3,000
Banshee Momiji
Top 1,500
Banshee Momiji, alternate pose
Top 500
Banshee Momiji, alternate pose, MapleHuntIcon

Collection RewardsEdit

# CollectedReward
50 Ghost Fire 1,000 Gold
100 Ghost Fire 10 Stamina
150 Ghost Fire 10 Diamond
200 Ghost FireHo426
250 Ghost Fire 5 Starlight Coin
300 Ghost FireS993
350 Ghost Fire 2,000 Gold
400 Ghost Fire 15 Stamina
450 Ghost FireHa1112
500 Ghost Fire 10 Diamond
550 Ghost Fire 10 Starlight Coin
600 Ghost FireA2062
650 Ghost Fire 3,000 Gold
700 Ghost Fire 15 Stamina
750 Ghost Fire 15 Diamond
800 Ghost FireA2063
850 Ghost Fire 15 Starlight Coin
900 Ghost Fire 5,000 Gold
950 Ghost Fire 15 Stamina
1000 Ghost FireA2064
1100 Ghost Fire15 Diamond
1200 Ghost FireC453
1300 Ghost Fire20 Stamina
1400 Ghost FireD922
1500 Ghost Fire20 Starlight Coin
1600 Ghost FireD921
1800 Ghost FireA2073A2074
2000 Ghost FireA2068A2067
2200 Ghost FireHo427S994
2400 Ghost FireHa1113A2066
2600 Ghost FireA2070A2069
2800 Ghost FireA2065
3000 Ghost FireM106
3200 Ghost FireA2072A2071
3500 Ghost FireD923
3800 Ghost FireD924


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