Harrod is a port city in the northeastern part of North Kingdom.[3] It has a fishing culture, giant tuna in particular, and the people of Harrod are generally just fishermen who are living their lives. People in Harrod generally dress in warm colors and drink spirits to warm their bodies.[4]

Description Edit

Harrod is located in an area dotted with several islands in the North Sea, and it's covered by snow year-round. Because of this, the soil is frozen, and building houses is difficult.[4]

Locations Edit

  • Norun River[1]
  • Designer's Center[1]

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Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Harrod
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 哈罗德 (Hā luō dé)
Korean Flag South Korea 해롤드 (Haeloldeu)

References Edit

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