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Haizhe Sprite
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 4th
18 years old[1]
Height Undisclosed[1][2]
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Silver
Professional Statistics
Personal Status
Game 1-4
Voice Actors

Haizhe (海哲) is a character that appears in Shining Nikki. He works as the manager to a store in Flower Town.



Haizhe is a short boy with a serious demeanor. He has silver hair and wears a black hat on it. He dresses in a blue shirt and suspenders.



Haizhe first met Nikki when she came into his shop asking for information about Flower Town, especially regarding designing and styling, as she did not know where she was. He explained that the town held competitions that would allow her to increase her styling power, and was surprised when she didn't recognize the concept. He also mentioned that powerful stylists had been appearing in the town recently[3]. After competing with Nikki, he commended her styling and asked her if she'd be interested in working with some designers, saying she could go as far as learning to harness the "power of the designer's shadow"[4][5].

A customer came into Haizhe's shop who was angry that Nikki was trying on a dress he had wanted to pick out for his girlfriend. Nikki challenged him to a battle, and Haizhe warned her about his styling prowess[4]. During the battle Nikki had a strange experience, leading the customer to leave in a hurry. Haizhe was surprised by the interaction[6], but helped Nikki calm down. However, customers who had witnessed the strange styling battle began to swarm her in interest. Haizhe tried to protect her but they pushed him away[7][5].



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