Group Buy is a feature of Home communities where community members work together to purchase Furniture items at a 32% discount.

Four items are made available to select from. Two are Group-buying limited, meaning they can only be bought through Group Buy, while the other two are available through Users Furniture at full price. Some Furniture items in Group Buy limited can only be purchased with Diamonds.

Two or more members must select the same furniture piece in order to purchase it at the discounted price. A 10% down payment is required when the item is selected and will not be returned. If the player chooses a different item, a separate down payment is required on the new item selected.

Group Buy Furniture Edit

Icon Name Type Regular Cost Group Price
AdorkableBabySealIcon Adorkable Baby Seal Ornament
AzurePorcelainFringedLittleLampIcon Azure Porcelain Fringed Little Lamp Small Appliance
BambooWhispersIcon Bamboo Whispers Plant
BlackWhiteWashstandIcon Black-White Washstand Heart Ticket 130 Heart Ticket 88
BlueOceanandSummerBreezeIcon Blue Ocean And Summer Breeze Wall
Blue Sky and Sea Wall
Blue Swimming Pool Ornament
Blue-White Toilet Bathroom Heart Ticket 117 Heart Ticket 79
Botanical Garden Wall Decor
BronzeandWoodenCabinetIcon Bronze and Wooden Cabinet Table Heart Ticket 98 Heart Ticket 66
CatmintDiningTableIcon Catmint Dining Table
CatClawStoolIcon Cat Claw Stool Chair
CherryBlossomTVBenchIcon Cherry Blossom TV Bench
ClearedSkyIcon Cleared Sky Wall
CoatRackwithShoeStorageIcon Coat Rack with Shoe Storage Ornament Heart Ticket 187 Heart Ticket 127
Coffee Table
ContinentalBreakfastIcon Continental Breakfast Ornament Heart Ticket 177 Heart Ticket 120
CoolBlackTVBenchIcon Cool Black TV Bench
CoolSummerIcon Cool Summer Ornament
CreamDoubleCabinetIcon Cream Double Cabinet
CreamStripesIcon Cream Stripes Carpet
Cream Side Table Heart Ticket 128 Heart Ticket 87
DistantWatchingIcon Distant Watching Bathroom
Early summer Flowers Bed Diamond128
ElegantDressingIcon Elegant Dressing Cabinet Diamond136
Elegant Side Table
EuropeanStyleBarIcon European Style Bar Kitchen
EvergreenWorldIcon Evergreen World Plant
FairyTalePlanetIcon Fairy Tale Planet Major Appliance
FlowerScreenIcon Flower Screen Diamond 128
FluffySiestaIcon Fluffy Siesta Heart Ticket 111 Heart Ticket 75
FreshHallstandIcon Fresh Hallstand Ornament
ForestBrookIcon Forest Brook Table Diamond 89 Diamond 60
ForestTerraceIcon Forest Terrace Window
ForeverSnugglingIcon Forever Snuggling Bed Heart Ticket 168 Heart Ticket 114
GeometricLowTableIcon Geometric Low Table
GlacierCarpetIcon Glacier Carpet Carpet Heart Ticket 158 Heart Ticket 107
GlasshouseIcon Glasshouse Ornament Heart Ticket 92 Heart Ticket 62
GlassyOctopusIcon Glassy Octopus
GlowingDreamIcon Glowing Dream Major Appliance
Green Waterdrop Heart Ticket 98 Heart Ticket 66
GreyGreenNightstandIcon Grey Green Nightstand
HelmsmansWallLampIcon Helmsman's Wall Lamp Wall Decor Heart Ticket 102 Heart Ticket 69
HideandSeekIcon Hide and Seek Ornament
ImpressionistIcon Impressionist Heart Ticket 155 Heart Ticket 105
ImpressionCorridorIcon Impression Corridor Wall Decor Heart Ticket 68 Heart Ticket 46
IronOceanBallIcon Iron Ocean Ball Wall Decor
IronShelfIcon Iron Shelf Wall Decor
Ivory White Dresser
KindredSofaIcon Kindred Sofa Chair Diamond88
Kitchen Cabinetry Kitchen
Light Small Table Cabinet
Low Table Table
Leisure Outside Window Diamond 108 Diamond 73
Leisure Table Cabinet
Lush Lawn Heart Ticket 128 Heart Ticket 87
Mahogany Round Stool Heart Ticket 98 Heart Ticket 66
Merged Sea and Sky Door Heart Ticket 168 Heart Ticket 114
Meteor Touch Window Diamond 138 Diamond 93
Minimalism-Black-White Cabinet Heart Ticket69
MinimalismCreativityIcon Minimalism-Creativity Table Heart Ticket72
Minimalism-Silver Grey Bed Diamond118
Mint Side Table
Modern Desk
MultifunctionalBookshelfIcon Multifunctional Bookshelf Stairs
Multifunctional Shelf
MysteriousGuestIcon Mysterious Guest Window Heart Ticket 188 Heart Ticket 127
NaponBranchIcon Nap on Branch Ornament Heart Ticket 199 Heart Ticket 135
Naval Life Ornament
Navy Blue Washstand Bathroom
NightDreamWardrobeIcon Night Dream Wardrobe Cabinet Diamond118
Ocean Blue Dream Bed Heart Ticket 144 Heart Ticket 97
Overlooking Scenery Window Heart Ticket 201 Heart Ticket 136
PaintedCabinetIcon Painted Cabinet
PianoBlackDresserIcon Piano Black Dresser Table
PiggyMosquitoCoilContainerIcon Piggy Mosquito Coil Container Ornament
PineCloudsIcon Pine Clouds Heart Ticket 168 Heart Ticket 114
PinkCarpetIcon Pink Carpet Carpet Diamond 57 Diamond 38
PinkDiningTableIcon Pink Dining Table
PinkDreamBathroomIcon Pink Dream Bathroom Diamond 108 Diamond 73
PlainwardrobeIcon Plain wardrobe Ornament Heart Ticket 135 Heart Ticket 91
Polka Dot Square Cabinet Heart Ticket 112 Heart Ticket 76
PracticalHangerIcon Practical Hanger Wall Decor
PrincessDreamIcon Princess Dream Door
PrivateOceanBathIcon Private Ocean Bath Bathroom Diamond108
PureEchoIcon Pure Echo Wall Decor
RefinedSideTableBlackWhiteIcon Refined Side Table Black-White
RefinedSideTableClassicIcon Refined Side Table-Classic
ReturnedSailBoatIcon Returned Sail Boat Carpet
RichFamilyIcon Rich Family Door
RhythmDanceBlanketRedIcon Rhythm Dance Blanket-Red
RhythmDanceBlanketYellowIcon Rhythm Dance Blanket-Yellow Heart Ticket 88 Heart Ticket 59
RollerWashingMachineIcon Roller Washing Machine Major Appliance
RoseinCageIcon Rose in Cage Plant Heart Ticket 156 Heart Ticket 106
ScholarlySiteIcon Scholarly Site Door
SeaBreezeShelfIcon Sea Breeze Shelf Wall Decor
SeaWavesIcon Sea Waves Carpet
SectionalSofaIcon Sectional Sofa Chair Heart Ticket 159 Heart Ticket 108
ShallowSummerFragranceIcon Shallow Summer Fragrance Wall Decor
ShimmeryNightIcon Shimmery Night Ornament Heart Ticket 102 Heart Ticket 69
SimpleDiningTableIcon Simple Dining Table Table
SimplePastoralDiningTableIcon Simple Pastoral Dining Table Table Diamond148
SimplePastoralLowBenchIcon Simple Pastoral Low Bench
SimplePastoralNightstandIcon Simple Pastoral Nightstand
SimplePastoralTVBenchIcon Simple Pastoral TV Bench
SmallNightstandIcon Small Nightstand
Snow-cappedStrawberryIcon Snow-capped Strawberry Ornament Heart Ticket 198 Heart Ticket 134
SquareFlowerBedIcon Square Flower Bed Ornament Heart Ticket 133 Heart Ticket 90
SpecimenEncyclopediaIcon Specimen Encyclopedia Wall Heart Ticket 129 Heart Ticket 87
StoolinChildhoodIcon Stool in Childhood Chair
StoryinMemoryIcon Story in Memory Ornament
StrawberryPicnicBasketIcon Strawberry Picnic Basket Heart Ticket 102 Heart Ticket 69
SummerFlowersIcon Summer Flowers Heart Ticket 135 Heart Ticket 91
Sunset Framing Window Heart Ticket 132 Heart Ticket 89
SunVisionIcon Sun Vision Door
SweetWatermelonIcon Sweet Watermelon Ornament Heart Ticket 168 Heart Ticket 114
TastyTemptationIcon Tasty Temptation Small Appliance Heart Ticket 102 Heart Ticket 69
TelevisionChildhoodHeartIcon Television-Childhood Heart Small Appliance
TemperatureofSeaBreezeIcon Temperature of Sea Breeze Wall Decor Diamond 138 Diamond 93
TheArcticOceanIcon The Arctic Ocean Ornament
ThoughtsonWallIcon Thoughts on Wall Wall Decor Heart Ticket 131 Heart Ticket 89
ThreePrimaryColorsIcon Three Primary Colors Heart Ticket 95 Heart Ticket 64
ThrobbingMomentIcon Throbbing Moment Window
TravelImpressionIcon Travel Impression Carpet
VerdantLeavesIcon Verdant Leaves Heart Ticket 128 Heart Ticket 87
VigorousLeapIcon Vigorous Leap Wall Decor Heart Ticket 187 Heart Ticket 127
VigorousLifeIcon Vigorous Life Ornament
WardrobeGeometryIcon Wardrobe Geometry Wall Decor
WhiteBookcaseIcon White Bookcase Cabinet
WhitePlumDesktopIcon White Plum-Desktop Small Appliance
WhitePrincessBedIcon White Princess Bed Bed Diamond158
WhiteshortCabinetIcon White short Cabinet Table
WhiteTVBenchIcon White TV Bench
WideSeaandHorizonIcon Wide Sea And Horizon Wall
WoodGrainSofaIcon Wood Grain Sofa Chair Heart Ticket 138 Heart Ticket 93
Wooden Bracket-Floor Heart Ticket 56 Heart Ticket 38

Rules Edit

  1. Regular group-buying event opens twice a week at the following times: From Saturday 5:00 to Sunday 5:00, From Sunday 5:00 to Monday 5:00; Buyers can pay the balance within 5 days after the closure of group event to get the group-buying item(s).
  2. Group-buying Phase
    1. Each event session provides 4 random items for the clients in the community, 2 of them are Group-buying limited items;
    2. Each client can choose 1 out of 4 Group-buying items to participate. To confirm to participate Group-buying the client needs to pay 10% as the down payment;
    3. When there are 2 or more community clients choose the same item to participate the Group-buying, then this item will be sold at 32% off; Note: The down payment won't be returned. If the client changes the Group-buying item, re-paying down payment is required
  3. Paying Balance: the buyer can pay the balance in My Orders page. Note: The down payment won't be returned to the buyer who fails to pay the balance before the due date
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