Gray Raven
Gray Raven
Aliases Morrison[1]
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Grey
Professional Statistics
Occupation Doctor
Affiliation Night Order
Personal Status
Game 6th Clinic (mentioned)
Dawn Front (appeared)
Voice Actors

Gray Raven, also known as Morrison, is a doctor who works at the Sixth Clinic.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

The Red Cross of the Sixth Clinic lighted up again, and the demon lurks in the dark. The bloody cross is Gray Raven's best disguise. He reaped the souls of the operating table precisely and generously offered them the equivalent of hope. No one knew what had he cut with his cold scissors, and he had so many secrets.

If Ruin was the cage to imprison wisdom and soul of the genus, then, the Miraland is the birthplace of this trembling white devil.

— Gray Raven's description in the Time Diary

Gray Raven is a tall man with slightly untidy grey hair. He wears white medical clothing, including a long white lab coat that flies out behind him.


It's stated that Gray Raven has no feelings, joy or sorrow[2]. He has a cold demeanor and a dark sense of humor, chucking at the prospect of gaining more "specimens" for study[3].

History Edit

Past Edit

It is unknown where Gray Raven came from, though it's suggested that he is an angel from the underworld. At some point, he started his Sixth Clinic, a place where souls are traded for power[2], in Losol.

He adopted Peachy at a later date. He offered her anything she wanted, and she asked if that meant she could ask for him to be her boyfriend. It is likely that he refused her request[4].

Year 680 Edit

In or before the year 680, Gray Raven created a reagent called No. 7 Reagent, which had the power to reduce the pain caused by invoking the blood curse. Ozeca offered it to Nidhogg, but he refused to drink it after killing Lunar, saying that he should be aware of the suffering[1]

Dawn Front Edit

Gray Raven later took interest in studying Chloris, an elf from the Dawn Wings who was opposing Gray Raven[3]. They met and fought at the 7th base of Apple Federation[5].


  • Gray Raven is represented by the suit White Demon.
  • Gray Raven has the fan name of "Demon Doctor", which comes from the dress item from his suit, Demon Doctor.

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