Gray-Plaid Dress is the Monthly Sign-In set given to the player during their 7th month logging in to Love Nikki. It does not have an official completion award as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

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Wardrobe Edit

Lore Edit

A hairstyle once Royce recommended to Neva, though she refused as it has the same color with Royce's
Elegant Curls

A simple and elegant set dress suitable for both business and casual.
Gray-plaid Dress

Black high heels which go well with everything. Every girl deserves one pair.
Simple Ribbon

A pair of gloves Nikki selected for prom. With her gown, they made Nikki so perfect.
Black Silk Gloves

The black bead chain is decorated with flowers of the same color, revealing a sense of maturity.
Flower Chain

A hat Kimi sent to Nikki after she saw her outfit for prom.
Black Silk Hat

Interpretation Edit

The gloves and hat of the outfit describe Nikki picking out her outfit for prom, with Kimi sending her the hat to match.

The hair describes Royce recommending Neva a hairstyle that looks just like his, which she refused.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a bag, Black Tote, included in the promotional picture for the set. However, it is not obtained through monthly sign-in. (The promotional image is made by a fangroup and was not released by an official account.)

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