Grassland's Dance can be obtained by paying 300 Diamond in the User's Shop from July 11th to 22nd 2018, and 400 Diamond after July 22nd. It is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

This suit was created in order to honor Love Nikki's participation in the UNESCO project "Open Digital Library on Traditional Games", hoping to let everyone see different cultures through the game.

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Love Nikki has joined the Open Digital Library on Traditional Games of Unesco. Let's go to Mongolian Grassland.
Mongolian Girl

On the vast grasslands, let us dress up in traditional Mongolian robes, and dance freely to the music.
Grassland's Dance

The fragrance of kumis spreads on the grassland. The people on the horse back is the light on the grassland.
Eternal Flame

'On the horse your journey begins...' a drawn-out song sends a Mongolian girl off to be married.
Soaring Sound

The journey on Mongolian Grassland ended now, but Nikki still dreamed of the dance in the night.
Mongolian Dream

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