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God of Wind is a Cloud suit that could be obtained via a Recharge of 6,300 VIP Exp.png from April 20th to May 6th, 2020.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Usual Moonlit Night, Gilt Wind, Silent Wind, Sunset Smoke, Placid Sanskrit, Dream Born, Coming Dawn, and 50 Diamonds.

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  • Hair: Mortal Instant
  • Dress: First Wind
  • Coat: Golden Thread
  • Shoes: Sparse Stars
  • Hair Ornament: White Contract
  • Hairpin: Long Night Prison
  • Earrings: Light into Dimness
  • Scarf: Merciful God
  • Bracelet (Left): Lone Shadow
  • Gloves: Undying Loyalty
  • Handheld (Left): Terminal Afterglow
  • Brooch: Bird in Mist
  • Foreground: Broken Sky
  • Head Ornament: Obscure Words
  • Makeup: Changing Jade Mirror

Alternative Series (Posed)[]

  • Hair: Usual Moonlit Night
  • Dress: Silent Wind
  • Hair Ornament: White Contract
  • Hairpin: Sunset Smoke
  • Earrings: Light into Dimness
  • Foreground: Broken Sky
  • Makeup: Changing Jade Mirror


The ups and downs of ages are nothing but a blink to the god. What's forever is the blowing wind.
Mortal Instant

Yi was a koi in the Lake Tai Qing. One day, the first wind of spring breaks the ice and she feels Tai Xu.
First Wind

Yi has been in this vast field for thousands of years. In the eternal time, she has heard countless voices.
Golden Thread

Those old stories fade into dust and get blown away by the wind. Yi walks in the mortal world and listens.
Sparse Stars

The innocent girl's world was once speckless, until one day, it was torn open and she saw the cruelty behind.
Broken Sky

The swordsman has experienced a tough journey all alone but still refuses to get corrupted by darkness.
White Contract

She looks down and watches quietly. She never interferes with anything. It's the god's right and shackle also.
Long Night Prison

Not everyone can see the divine light. It's the strength of faith behind the darkness.
Light into Dimness

The flashing light in the darkness reveals the thorns on the road but also gives them a chance to choose.
Terminal Afterglow

He's a lone wolf waking up from a perfect lie. He looks at the fake light and turns back to the vast darkness.
Lone Shadow

However, god is merciful. The 'chance' she creates is a gift to humans, the highlight of their lives.
Merciful God

The loyal knight witnessed bloodshed in the court. The hot red wets her faith and her sword points skyward.
Undying Loyalty

In the vast desert, who's listening to the god's will in the wind and prays in the obscure language.
Obscure Words

In the end, the wind is the only witness of the choice. When night falls, everything will fall into silence again.
Bird in Mist

She sees 4 ordinary and negligible humans whose paths converge miraculously, so a chance is given.
Changing Jade Mirror

To Yi, it's just another silent night, but she smells something different in the wind.
Usual Moonlit Night

The Way is emotionless, but there are always warriors with aspirations and will no god can shake.
Gilt Wind

The wind has never stopped. Yi turns around and dives into the formless void and becomes the wind itself.
Silent Wind

Yi looks at all this indifferently. She lets out a silent sigh and it's taken far away by the wind.
Sunset Smoke

Driven by dreams or desires, countless people rush forward in history. All so meaningless in Yi's eyes.
Placid Sanskrit

Those sounds echo in the cosmos, then grow out bones and flesh, and become stories, light and heavy.
Dream Born


Coming soon...

Yi refers to Fengyi, the God of Wind in Chinese mythology. In the original Chinese descriptions, she is named Fengyi.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) God of Wind N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Dieu de Vent God of Wind
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 风佑苍生 (fēng yòu cāngshēng) Blessed Wind
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
風佑蒼生 (fēng yòu cāngshēng) Blessed Wind
Japanese Flag.png Japan 風の衆生 (Kaze no Shujō) Wind of the World
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Mộng Cảnh Hồng Trần Dream Realm in World
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A