Glorious Chapter
Glorious Chapter
All crisis on the journey can become a strength. The glimmers can turn into bright lights, like a reborn in life.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Story Suit
Gallery: Cloud Realm
Color(s): White/Gold
Obtained by: Brave New World Event
Completion Reward:

Glorious Chapter is a Story Suit that could be obtained during the Brave New World event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Rainbow Raiment, Gilt Hall and 40 Diamond.

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Kimi warmed Nikki up. They went through thick and thin. Nikki is made to believe she has the power to change.
- Ambilight

To get along with Kimi is not easy. Her pride makes her shine, like a mountain that is intimidating but inspiring.
- Snow Shadow

Kimi is a reliable companion and support for Nikki. Like the bright flame sending the signal, 'I've got your back.'
- Bright Flame

At the tea party, Kimi discovered the talent of Nikki. She will be a diamond in the rough to shine in the future.
- Flying Feather

No one but Nikki knows that strong as Kimi is, she has weak points. They have an unspoken connection.
- High Lamp

Kimi is the expected heir, talented designer from a young age. A good life gave her confidence and courage.
- Bright Twilight

Under the bright light, Kimi is the beautiful socialite; In the skyscraper, she is a strong professional leader.
- Vintage Wine

The world is full of talent. Kimi's goal is never to be on top but to use her talents to create greater values.
- Gold Net

Kimi is like a shining star piercing the clouds and pointing the direction for people. She is a born leader.
- Leader Charm

Kimi is always calm, small but firm. Her insight is unique. Her suggestions are always spot on.
- Scattering Splendor

Many people admire Kimi's background, but she carries the responsibility and never yields. That is her confidence.
- Natural Honor

All crises on the journey can become a strength. The glimmers can turn into bright lights, like a reborn in life.
- Rainbow Raiment

Having lost protection from dad, Kimi spreads her wings and lets the world know she is not a kitty but a lion.
- Holy Lion with Wings

With gunshots, the wine party is smashed. Broken glass shimmers with starlight. Nikki holds Kimi's hand tightly.
- Fire Rain

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