Glimmer and Dream is a Troupe suit that can be obtained through evolution of parts which drop in Princess mode of Chapter 18. It is also customizable.

Completion Prize: 30 Diamonds.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

She finally received Cicia Design School’s letter of admission. During the opening ceremony she was both excited and nervous.
School Braid

Why are my classmates' designs this cute? She noted down every single word, and tried her best to keep up with the class.
Blue Wish

At night she took out her Filofax and reorganized he notes, then she penned out her dream clothes on a piece of patterned paper.
Collage Dream

The school is holding a theater play competition in honor of Mr. Haiden. She checked, but couldn’t find any suitable roles.
Soft Warm Socks

She thought about playing a princess or a queen, but it's not what she wants. At night she began to pen down her theater play.
Courageous Step

She decided to prepare the props herself. She modified the scarf many times before she finally satisfied was with the result.
Orange Mood

‘My play is called ‘the little match’s dream’.’ Someone made fun of her. But she spoke the name of her play in a loud and voice.
Box of Matches

Her only wish was to be admitted to Cicia Design School. Now, she wishes that her play be played at the Grand Theater at Cicia.
School Braid-Gorgeous

She put up posters, but no one came. Everyone want to be a princess or a prince; who want to be the companion of a little match?
Blue Wish-Gorgeous

She designed a one-piece dress for the little match in retro collage style, it seemed as if one was dressed with the past.
Collage Dream-Gorgeous

‘I really like your script and your designs.’ A senior student of the theater club said: ‘but, people don’t like such stories.’
Soft Warm Socks-Gorgeous

Girls yearns to wear magnificent dresses, but working hard is more important. She hugged her script and went into the club.
Courageous Step-Gorgeous

‘…… But I’d still like to try.’ In a flurry she received the script and ran from the theater club to the music club.
Orange Mood-Gorgeous

‘The only thing I have is this box of matches. But if I light all of them at once, I too can see the radiance of the sun.’
Basket of Matches

Her efforts had born fruit, and students joined her play. They discussed the script, and laughed merrily as they rehearsed.
School Braid-Treasured

This morning the senior also came. He looked a little bit nervous. ‘Are there......any roles which would suit me?’
Blue Wish-Treasured

When the improved collage was shown it was received with splendor; it felt as if a wind blew through the school like a wave.
Collage Dream-Treasured

The cute senior was dressed as Father Christmas; it fit him well. In the play, he will bring hope to the little match.
Soft Warm Socks-Treasured

The little match began in solitude, and ended in thunderous applause. She bowed deeply as tears silently fell down her cheeks.
Courageous Step-Treasured

After the play, she tidied up the props with everyone backstage. When she left, the senior student was waiting for her.
Orange Mood-Treasured

‘After all this hard work, let’s have dinner together. ...Okay, seeing you on the stage makes me think of roast chicken.’
Big Basket of Matches

During school admissions, he will remember the cute and brave primary school girl he saw at that opening ceremony.
School Brad-Memory

He still remembers the script she hugged as she ran into the theater club. Her sincere script reminded him of his past self.
Blue Wish-Memory

In his home there is a piece of old collage clothing. But in her hands, retro design radiates with a new kind of brilliance.
Collage Dream-Memory

Becoming president of the club means responsibility. He can’t create whatever his heart desires, but he believes that she can.
Soft Warm Socks-Memory

She wouldn’t easily give up so easily, right? When he walked past the rehearsal room, he heard laughter from within.
Courageous Step-Memory

He asked her whether there was a role for him. But was too late, and could only take on the role of the cute Father Christmas.
Orange Mood-Memory

‘‘The little match’s dream’, sounds very tasty!’ ‘Momo, honestly. The only thing on your mind is eating roast chicken!’
Big Basket of Matches-Memory

Interpretation[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit source]

Name by Server[edit source]

Complete Star.png Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Glimmer and Dream N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Lueur et Rêve Glow and Dream
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 微光与梦想 (wéi guāng yǔ mèngxiǎng) Shimmer and Dream
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
微光與夢想 (wéi guāng yǔ mèngxiǎng) Shimmer and Dream
Japanese Flag.png Japan マッチ売りの少女 (Matchiuri no Shōjo) Match-selling Girl
Korean Flag.png South Korea 희미한 꿈 (huimihan kkum) Faint Dream
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Gadis Korek Api Matchstick Girl
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Tia Sáng Và Giấc Mơ Rays of Light and Dreams
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Shimmer and Dream N/A
Thailand Flag.png Thailand แสงสลัวและความฝัน (S̄æng s̄lạw læa khwām f̄ạn) Dim Light and Dream

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