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Glavier is a town located deep in the snowy mountains of North Kingdom.[2] Its people are known for being bad at styling,[1] and it generally doesn't have many resources.[3]


Year 671[]

During this year, Prince Bran and his royal teacher Prucius went to live in Glavier. Prince Bran had been manipulated into making political mistakes and expelled from the capital Black Water City, while Prucius resigned voluntarily.[3] The Knight Commander Agata accompanied both of them to their new home in the snowy mountains, a long and snowy journey.[2]

Prucius was there to enjoy his retirement.[2] However, he ended up teaching the people of Glavier styling skills. They had been blacklisted by most shops due to their inability to compete in styling battles. Prucius's assistance helped them to procure food for themselves. He also sold designs while he was still younger.[1]

Year 680[]

While Yvette was being transferred to North by soldiers, a fight broke out and Yvette's leg was injured. In the chaos, the old hunter of Glavier rescued Yvette and took her to safety. While her leg recovered, she stayed in Glavier, where she made handicrafts to sell.[1]

However, a few days later, Prucius was kidnapped by the soldiers of Duke Dimitry,[1] who were there to retrieve Prince Bran.[2] Panicked, the people of Glavier didn't know what they would do without him, and immediately went to go find him. After encountering a secret base in the mountains, they immediately started planning how to take out the soldiers guarding him. Yvette objected, mentioning the Blood Curse and the fact that the soldiers wanted to cooperate with Prucius, not hurt him. A man named Alexander decided he would have a styling battle with the soldiers instead.[1]

Unfortunately, Alexander lost, and the soldiers forced him to take off his clothes and tied him up. They used him as a bargaining chip to get Prucius to negotiate with them. Seeing Alexander humiliated was upsetting for everyone from Glavier, especially Alexander's daughter Sasha, and they realized they had made the situation even worse. They decided to focus on saving Prucius since he was more valuable to them, despite Sasha's objections.[1]

As the people of Glavier went to go find some explosives, hoping to kill Dimitry's soldiers, Yvette realized that killing or sacrificing many lives for the sake of Prucius wasn't morally right. Though the people of Glavier were wary of what she was saying, she convinced them that there must be a better way.[1]

They used fireworks instead of real explosives to trick the soldiers into thinking they were under attack. Yvette sacrificed the mechanical rabbit Nidhogg had once given her, March Hare, in order to carry the fireworks. It blew up, and Dimitry's men began to panic and search the forest.[1]

In the chaos, the people of Glavier managed to sneak in and release Prucius and Alexander. As they freed them, the Knight of Kingdom arrived,[1] who had been sent by Agata and were also searching for Prince Bran.[2] As the people from Glavier tried to escape, Prucius was shot in the hand by a soldier. They still managed to escape to the foot of the mountains and to safety.[1] Duke Dimitry and his men still retrieved Prince Bran from his house and took him to Black Water City with the intention that he would succeed his father King Ryan as the new King of North.[2]

Both Yvette and Prucius remained in Glavier, where Yvette decided to set up a new school called the Fair Future College based on her experiences with the people of Glavier. Prucius joined as a member of the faculty and invested his own money into the school.[3]


Fair Future College[]

The Fair Future College was established in Glavier in the year 680 by Principal Yvette and funded with the help of Prucius. The school's aim is to allow a space for students with different talents to show who they are.[3]

It offers courses such as designs, handicrafts, corn planting, and hunting. Students have a daily KPI, which likely means "key performance indicator" and is a way to judge their progress. Their final grade is evaluated based on their design capability.[3]

Fair Future College was criticized by the press, particularly a man named Ulysses, who felt that it was gimmicky, unrealistic, and could even hinder the success of students who would eventually have to learn the rules of Styling Contests. However, many people were interested to see where this new concept for a school would go.[3]

Other Locations[]

  • Prince Bran's wooden house[2]
  • Classroom where Prucius taught styling[1]

Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized)
International.png International (English) Glavier
France Flag.png International (French) Glavier
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 格拉维亚 (Gélāwéiyà)