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Gifty are creatures that judge Styling Battles. They award attributes based on the clothes that are worn. They take on the appearance of round yellow animals, likely birds, with large, pointed-up noses.

They appear in the second and third games of the franchise, Hello Nikki-Let's Beauty Up (which takes place on Earth) and Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen! (which takes place in Miraland). They judge styling battles in the latter, while in Hello Nikki they only appear in various items and on maps.

It is possible that Giftys are also eaten. In the Chinese version of Love Nikki, the item 糖油果子 (Táng yóu guǒzi; Accessory No. 2019), from the War Among Four Gods (四神之战) event, displays Giftys on a plate. As well, in Hello Nikki, the item 满汉全席 (Mǎnhànquánxí) displays a Gifty laid on a plate on a long dinner table, along with a pig and a fish (displayed below).

Naming Edit

Across the different versions of Love Nikki, the little creatures' name has been changed.

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Gifty
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 史丟丟 (Shǐ diū diū)
Japanese Flag Japan ピーヨ (Piyo)
Korean Flag South Korea 스튜디 (Studi)
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Gifty

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  • Giftys make a small cameo in Mr Love: Queen's Choice in the Crystal Ball and the Fried Chicken Bucket items, the former's description saying "Adorable Gifty in the snow land."
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