Ghost Gathering Event

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Season 1 ran from January 31st to February 6th, 2018.
Season 2 ran from January 14th to January 20th, 2019.
Season 3 ran from October 7th to October 13th, 2019.

The asleep ghost city wakes up at dusk. The soul fire shimmering in the mist lights up the memory deep inside the stygian. Collect Ghost Fire and find the Ghost City hidden in mist to gain delicate sets.

Event for the Ghost Gathering Story Suit. Draw in the event pavilion to collect Soul Fire Soul Fire. You will have a free draw every day and additional chances can be bought for 30 Diamond each. Each draw will return StaminaStamina, GoldGold, or DiamondsDiamond. Collecting a certain amount of Soul Fire will allow you to obtain one of the 5 event suits and an avatar pendant (Imp PendantImp Pendant) that lasts for a certain amount of hours. The first 3 nodes are guaranteed to drop either the Miss Bone or Underworld Lord suits. The last node will give you a background as well as a suit.

There will also be little ghosts that will show up during the event. Tap on them to seal them to gain gifts like Gold, dye, Soul Fire, rebirth earrings, etc.

Note: This event will come back with higher milestones and your current progress will be saved.
If you have already reached a node in the previous season, reaching it again will not give any rewards.


Season 1Edit

15, 40, 85, 170, and 260

Season 2Edit

20, 45, 90, 180, and 270

Stories Edit

When you reach and claim a milestone, you will see a story that indicates what suit you'll be getting.

Yama JudgeEdit

Life JudgeEdit

In the first 300 years

I walked through mortal world

In the last 300 years

I get tired of immortal life

Now I have to find the girl

To beg for eternal sleep

To ask her for mercy

To reach my last verdict

Soul GuideEdit

Soul LampEdit

Before I realized

I was at the center of mist

Someone whispered to ears

But when I turned around

Only saw light shimmers

In the vast mist

Miss BoneEdit

Bone & BloodEdit

Woke up from eternal sleep

Revived from silent darkness

The dusk shadow falls

I wear my nightgown

When fate withered

In the bone cage

A flower of evil blooms

Flower MirrorEdit

Lotus ImageEdit

Who cries so sadly

Beside the lake

Through the clouds the Sun shines

I walk into the lotuses

Starting the birds

Stirring the waves

Underworld LordEdit

Poem of NightEdit

I was on the border of dream

On the line between life and death

The pale moonlight

Cannot break the nightmare

The yellowed memory withered and

Fell in deserted night


Miss BoneEdit

Underworld LordEdit

Yama JudgeEdit

Soul GuideEdit

Flower MirrorEdit

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