Ghost Candle

Ran from October 16th to October 22nd, 2018.

The autumn in the town Victor is the time for Candle Parade Festival. It’s believed that the departed will return in the night.

Complete Journey stages to collect Dim KindlingDim Kindling. Use theDim Kindling to light Soul Candles. Each Candle requires 5Dim Kindling. You will be given 5 free chances to light a Candle per day and can buy more for 24 Diamond each. Collecting a certain amount of Candles will allow you to obtain parts of either the Attachment of Spectre or Demon's Game suit.

The Dim Kindling Deal Pack wll be availabe for $0.99 as well. Purchase it to obtain 100Dim Kindlingand 50 VIP Exp.

Collection RewardsEdit


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