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Garden of Spiral Staircase is a set of Story Suits. When you obtain the Fleeting Dream, World in a Game, Jealous Phantom and Night Banquet suits, which can be obtained from the Garden of Spiral Staircase Event, you will unlock their stories.

Completion Prize: 50 Diamonds.

Fleeting Dream[]

Fleeting Dream.png

Grand chandelier decorated with silver rose carvings, table made of blackwood from the dwarves that symbolizes peace and friendship, and the Countess's letter filled with people's praises to Queen Elle. Outside the Rose Palace, a white pigeon soars upward into the sky, seemingly foreboding the bright future of Pigeon Kingdom.

Queen Elle is now resting in the Rose Garden. The scent of the roses has attracted many bees and butterflies. A maidservant puts a thin velvet blanket over the queen.

The queen is having a sweet dream.

After her father passed away, Elle has sacrificed too much for power. Finally, in the year when she was 20, she took hold of the holy scepter. Yet it's just a beginning and the power of a queen is not that supreme. Greedy nobility, aggressive neighbors, worthless bills... More and more restraints and rivalries, both domestic and foreign, crowded in and oppressed her. The young queen had to build walls around her.

Thanks to the clothes collected by the Iron Rose Legion, Pigeon established a powerful enforcement organization. Within the border, nobody dares to defy soldiers wearing the Rose Badge. Outside, all the other kingdoms treat the queen with awe.

To her satisfaction, everything finally goes the way she wants it to be. Her decrees are no longer opposed, and parliament's bill becomes more reasonable. The people gradually get more accustomed to how things are done in the kingdom and although there are small sacrifices, they are making the kingdom more prosperous. Even those who are sacrificed can be proud to be a grain of dust on the road of advance. Everyone praises the great Queen Elle and believes in the bright future of Pigeon Kingdom.

Under the glamorous clothes are blood and bones, the poor's voices are no longer heard, and upright officials are beaten down to the ground. A rosy letter from the Rose Palace serves as the ultimatum to any discussion, and international communication diminishes. Unpleasant words can no longer be heard when the window is shut.

This sturdy wall fooled others in the beginning, but in the end, it also fooled Elle herself. She couldn't see the bigger world outside the wall. There, beyond the borders, things are changing rapidly, yet she takes the songs people write for her all the reality.

Only one person has not forgotten to pursue the truth in the revelry of self-deception day after day.

And she's the beloved younger sister of the queen, the Rose Knight Elle personally conferred. She has become the last opposing voice in her ears.

'This is not you. We said we would make Pigeon stronger.'

'Pigeon is strong now.'

'But when we said stronger we meant allowing the people to live a happy life...'

Elle has no idea what Ace is worried about. She's been like this, worrying about trivial things all day long, since they were little, but these trivial matters are meaningless in front of absolute power. From her father's death to the Nine-Day War, Elle only learned on thing that power is the quickest way to anything you want.

Deep in her sweet dream where what's forgotten cannot see the outside, time pauses at years ago. Hand in hand, they visited orphans in the orphanage, lived with people in the Town Keleka, wrote pages of reform plans in the high tower, and studied tirelessly in the bookshelves. At the time, she remembered the oath she made when she was holding her father's hand, 'One day, I will be powerful enough to erase tears and inequality from the earth of Pigeon.'

Maybe one day the queen will wake up from her dream, see what happened these years, and see how arrogant and blind she has become. How miserable will she feel when she sees the devastated Pigeon Kingdom?

Shh, quiet. An injured steed can still trot, and a shabby skyscraper may stand long in the wind. For now, at least, the dream is young, and the night is still long.

World in a Game[]

World in a Game.png

The chariot is galloping the vast wilderness. Greenery gradually disappears. The desolate desert takes its place.

In the carriage, the temperature is comfortable and there is a mild incense unique to the South in the air. Zhu Yuxian half reclines on the seat comfortably, something in his hand glistening.

It's a halved jade pendant, cross section clean, quaint, and smooth.

'Father, father!'

A toddler runs towards the door and is then picked up by a young elite in a red robe. 'Good boy, weren't you told to wait in the room?'

Back then, the Lord of the South was at his prime age. His little son, who grew up among various treasures, already learned a lot about precious stones.

Father once said with a smile, 'My son is the Vermillion Bird.' Anyone could tell how much he loved his son.

And on that day, his father put him on his lap, took out this halved jade ornament with extreme care, and placed it in his son's little palm.

The child examined it for a second and then lost interest. 'Common color, common texture. Although it's kind of ancient, it's not even complete. Father, there are so many precious relics and treasures at home, what's so special about this halved jade pendant?'

His father laughed, put his hand on his son's shoulder, and said quietly, 'This is the token between our ancestor and the first emperor. The half jade is half of our country. My vermillion bird, remember, the prosperity of Cloud is not just the property of the royal family. It's half built on the blood and sweat of the Zhus. Today, the south part of the empire has yet to be fully secured. You need to work hard and help the king defend Cloud's peace in the future.'

The child was perplexed but nodded. His father smiled and instructed him to keep the jade pendant carefully.

Father's words were not unfounded. Then, there were the 13 cities that defied the authority of the Empire and kept harassing the southern border. But in a few years later, father led the army he trained personally and reclaimed the 13 rebel cities. An era of peace was ushered in.

How wonderful and carefree the time was then.

Zhu Yuxian looks out the window. It has started snowing, blurring the view afar.

It was a snowy day too.

Frost had found its way to the temples of father after years of campaigning, but he still looked energetic in his feathered cloak. Next to him, mother was dressed in a similar fashion. The two stood side by side in perfect harmony.

'We will be back before the New Year. Yuxian, don't forget your schoolwork when we are away.

He agreed sincerely but was secretly ecstatic that he would be able to play as much as he wanted.

Who would know that it turned out to be the last time he saw his parents.

This halved jade pendant was presented to him along with pale white silk that symbolized death. Things went all messed up. He was quickly put on the seat of the Clan's Lord, but there were problems everywhere. The thirteen cities went restless again, and the other nobilities were coveting clan's leadership in the south.

He would frequently startle awake in the middle of the night. When he inspected this jade, he often felt there is green blood on it which he could never wash off.

With the cause of death of his parents unknown and the south situation perilous, the young King Zhu hovered his wings and let out a clear cry.

He played pieces, collected clues, and laid traps, yet eventually, he found himself an extremely sarcastic answer.

If only father knew the emperor he pledged his allegiance to his whole life began to fear him for the unprecedentedly prosperous South. The blood on the jade is real.

No, maybe the king is just a face, and what really killed father was this decaying collapsing empire.

Zhu Yuxian puts the jade pendant to his forehead. A chill runs into his heart.

A servant stops the chariot and opens the door for his master. A bracing breeze blows into the warm carriage. His mind has never been so sober and clear before. He puts the jade pendant back into this sleeve and gets off the chariot elegantly. The respectful servant puts his feathered cloak and hat on him to protect him from the snow.

'Master, the snowstorm is raging, please watch your step.'

'It's fine.' Zhu Yuxian moves the curtain aside and laughs, 'The climate of the north is so different from that of the south. Such strength!'

Then he strides toward the military camp tent ahead, which is guarded by soldiers in the sharp uniform of League Tyr.

Jealous Phantom[]

Jealous Phantom.png

Under the dazzling sunlight, Lake Bovaly's emerald-like surface shines like stars in the daylight. Whenever he gazes at glittering ripples, it feels like flaming arrows punctuate his eyes, his body, and his skin, afflicting searing pain.

That's because it's just a shadow which can never be matched with real sunlight.

Cesare used to think he was in the light.

It's the time when the kindred was still in the Pamir Forest. For many times, the Elven Queen would hold young Cesare's hand, take him through the lush shrubbery, and together they sit on the bough of the Silver Crown Tree to enjoy the view of thousands of Dazzle Butterflies fluttering over the blossoming gentian flower field.

The racial barrier and identity gap prevented the lovers from being together and separated their twin children from each other too.

Cesare often think about his mother while sitting on bough in the forest, imagining how his brother, who has the blood of the Elven Guardian, spends days with mother under the bright sunlight.

Whenever he thinks about these things an unspeakable misery and envy would start gnawing at his heart. His identity as a Kindred is like a shackle that prohibits him from seeking light and freedom.

That night, following the trails of Dazzle Butterflies, Cesare heard the altercation between the Elven Queen and the Lord of Kindred.

The Elves were planning a surprise assault on the Kindred and becoming aware of the plan, the Elven Queen rushed to Pamir Forest.

It wasn't a secret the two factions were at odds with each other. Cesare even agreed with his father, that if disagreements could not be avoided then they should be settled with strength.

But the queen didn't want any bloodshed. She urged her furious lover to give up the idea of waging a war, with such a resolution that Cesare had never seen on her face. Not only that, she wanted the Kindred outside the forest so that no more clashes will be started.

The intense confrontation has since haunted Cesare's heart like a specter. His mother who has always been gentle and kind sounded so determined and grieved that her earnest requests were like sharp knives, puncturing Cesare's soul.

That's because her entreaty had only the Elves in mind rather than the Kindred, the lover who she couldn't be together with, or even her other child.

On the next day, against everyone's objections, the Lord of Kindred moved everyone from the habitable Pamir Forest to the desolate Shadow City.

Opening Shadow City consumed too much of father's power and his health was severely damaged. He passed his throne to his only child when he was dying, however, Cesare couldn't feel even a bit of joy from the immense power he obtained.

One by one, what's important to him went away and he couldn't do a thing.

The Elven Queen came to see father off and it was also the last time Cesare saw her.

No matter how much he pleaded, the queen's refusal was decisive though painful. For the Elves and for the mission that she had to carry out, she forsook her love, abandoned her child, and walked away.

Later, the news of mother passed away came [sic] and Dazzle Butterflies have never returned to Shadow City ever since.

Beautiful memories vanished like a fleeting dream.

After his succession, there often is a vague zither in the gloomy palace of Shadow City.

It's the music of the Elves, melodious and serene. It seems that, except Cesare, nobody has ever noticed the faint but beautiful tune.

Unable to hold back the strong agitation, he followed the zither to the shadow on the lake.

It's an elf boy. With silver long hair under radiant sunlight, he looks like a gorgeous oil painting enveloped in a halo.

The scintillating light dances like the fluttering Dazzle Butterflies.

The resonance in blood let Cesare know that he's his twin brother who he had never seen before but deprived his right under the light.

In an instant, perhaps it's the daze of the sunlight or the pain inside, Cesare fainted and sank down to the bottom of the lake.

Under the dazzling sunlight, Lake Bovaly's emerald-like surface shines like stars in the daylight. Whenever he gazes at glittering ripples, it feels like flaming arrows punctuate his eyes, his body, and his skin, afflicting searing pain.

Eventually, he will incinerate everything in his way, until all he craves are seared with his name.

Night Banquet[]

Night Banquet.png

The boy sprints down the desolate mountain road like crazy. He doesn't know where he's going, but he knows he can't stop.

Behind him looms a menacing billow of black fog. The boy trips and falls, he wipes his tears away, gets up, and continues moving his legs forward.

The scene changes, spins, and from the black fog reaches out a strong arm full of scars. With a slight push, he fell from the rough mountain road to a dark filthy warehouse.

A gun is pointing at his head, its pitch dark muzzle is like an abyss.

The moment blood was spilled, the boy lost his ability to speak. The crimson liquid slowly spreads over the ground.

The man who shielded him from the bullet turns his head slowly. What a familiar smiling face.


The boy touches his body with his fingertips. The body is still warm, but he won't be able to smile at him anymore like he has always done with loving kindness.

'Mr. Reid!'

Reid opens his eyes. The hand waked him up belongs to his family lawyer.

Seeing that he has waked up, the lawyer steps back respectfully.

'President Rove wants to see you.'

The white sterile hallway is permeated with the smell of sanitizer. By the end of it is the only intensive care unit on this floor.

In the room full of advanced medical equipment and vigilant security guards lies Mercury Group's president, his father.

Despite his high social status, tremendous wealthy, and imposing power, what this dying old man can really reach is but this bed.


'You've come...'

The old man's voice is so weak and hoarse that it can barely be heard. However, the dignified air can still be seen on his face and in the last moments of his life, he's making decisions decisively.

'I, Rove Mercury, officially transfer my leadership as the chairman of the group to my son...Reid Mercury. Work hard and extend the glory of our family.'

His speech is discontinuous due to the cardio-pulmonary organ failure, but he manages to speak it clearly and then turns to look at the lawyer.

The family lawyer bows with his hand over his heart.

Reid holds the old man's withered hand with care and replies solemnly.

'I will not disappoint you.'

The old man's glassy eyes flash briefly. At this moment, the toughness he maintained his whole life seems to have a cracking, revealing the yearning and pain hidden inside.

'So and him...'

A voice answers with tenderness.

'If brother was still alive, I would be his right hand, and we would uphold the glory of the family together.'

'Pity...' The old man's fingertip moves. In his last moment, he gazes at his son's face, and in the vague vision, he seems to see a dead person.

As the old man's eyes shut, the heart rate monitor's rhythmic sound ceases. The room falls to a deathly silence.

'I'd like some time with my father alone.'

Quietly, the lawyer leaves.

What's left in the room are a living, a dead, and a haunting soul.

Sitting on the chair with his back to the bed, Reid looks down at the city quietly. However, on the french window before a somewhat familiar shadow gradually appears.

The person gazes at Reid with sadness and shakes his head slowly.

Lit by an unknown rage, Reid stares into the face that has not changed for more than 10 years.

He was young and weak, terrified to remove the mask of kindness. He fears he would be discarded when his image is broken. And as he has grown up, he finds out that the face on the window is just like his.

He looks at agitated Reid with the unchanged loving kindness. It's but a shadow on the mirror, but the emotion in his eyes are real.

That look only makes Reid get more and more restless. He lets out a bestial roar and punches the mirror.

Countless sad shadows in countless glass fragments. They all reach out for Reid like countless warm embraces.

Blood drips down onto the ground from his fingertips.

Suddenly, Reid regains himself. He straightens his suit and, across the ground littered with fragments, leaves. There's nothing behind to worry about now.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Garden of Spiral Staircase N/A
Japanese Flag.png Japan 螺旋の間 (Rasen no Aida) Helix Space
Korean Flag.png South Korea 계단의정원 (gyedan-uijeong-won) Stair Garden
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Spiral Tower N/A
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A