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Three special maps for the Garden Secret event. Maps are comprised of both story stages and styling battle stages. Only the styling battle stages grant Serene Petals Serene Petals, and Sunrise Dew Sunrise Dew is needed to complete them. You are given 3 Dew Sunrise Dew daily and failing a stage will not deduct an attempt. You can purchase more Dew Sunrise Dew for 5 Diamond each. After reading through a map, the player is awarded with 50 Serene Petals, totaling 150 Serene Petals for all three.

Music Never Stops Edit

Mysterious Moonlit City

Mansion Spring Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

In mid-spring, new green climbs onto branches.

  • (Year 677, New Era, Moonlit City)
  • (Mid-spring. Green is everywhere in and outside the city.)
  • (In the garden of mayor's palace, peach flowers are in full bloom, loudly proclaiming the prosperity of spring.)
  • (Spring wind blows through the branches, like a bow fiddling violin string. Sunlight dances on flowers.)
  • (A wave of jingling laughter passes over from the garden.)
  • (Wearing a butterfly-pattern dress, the slender girl dances, her waist-long hair fluttering to her moves.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Sister, you are dancing so beautifully!
  • (A boy's sound. The girl stops and when she sees the pretty boy, she smiles.)
  • Xie Lisheng: You sneak out again. Did you finish the work father gave you?
  • Xie Guizhou: It's too boring. I want to come out and play with you... Is it a new dance?
  • Xie Lisheng: Hmm, Zhou, what do you think of it?
  • Xie Guizhou: Very beautiful! Like... Like that poem, 'Gentle like the moon covered in cloud, flowing like snowflakes in the wind'... Isn't that you?
  • Xie Lisheng: That's too much flattery.
  • (The girl pokes the forehead of the boy in a smile. With no makeup, she looks like a beauty in the picture. Her blooming smile seems to be shining in the spring.)
  • Xie Guizhou: I'm just telling the truth. Sister is the best dancer in the Moonlit City! Oh, sis, is there a name for it?
  • Xie Lisheng: Eh, not really. It's a dance for the prayer ceremony at the end of the year. It's not finished yet... Why don't you give it a name after I finish it?
  • Xie Guizhou: No problem. I'll think of a name that blows the whole city away!
  • Xie Lisheng: We'd better keep the city, or there will be no need to do the prayer. Now, go back and finish your work. Don't make father angry.
  • Xie Guizhou: Ok... But first, you have to dance again from the beginning. I didn't catch the beginning when I came!
  • Xie Lisheng: Alright. But you promise, after that, you will be back. No more excuses.
  • Xie Guizhou: Sure!
Garden Secret Mayor and Sister
  • (Swinging her long sleeves open, the dance begins.)
  • (As the long sleeves dance, her long hair and dress also move rhythmically. Her slender figure jumps and spins, flexible and intangible like a fairy.)
  • (She spins under the peach tree.)
  • (Suddenly, a gust of spring wind comes and shakes the branches. A rain of pink flowers falls.)
  • (Pink flowers flutter and the girl dances in this flower rain, like a butterfly dancing in the flower field.)
  • (The boy aside looks and adorns, bursting into clappings from time to time.)
  • (Across the high walls, the claps and laughter echo in the warm spring sunshine.)

Outskirt Moon Edit

Drops Serene Petals

  • Attributes: GorgeousLivelyCutePureWarmPet

In flowing moonlight, fireflies dance.

  • (In the night, it's silent all around.)
  • (A figure carefully avoids the patrol of the guards, sneaking into a room.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Wake up! Sis, wake up!
  • Xie Lisheng: Hmm... Zhou [sic]
  • (Xie Lisheng sits up, puts on a coat, and looks at the boy by the bed.)
  • Xie Lisheng: It's so late. What are you doing here?
  • Xie Guizhou: Dad is asleep. Let's go catch fireflies!
  • Xie Lisheng: Fireflies? But it's midnight...
  • Xie Guizhou: Last time when I snuck out from the study, dad gave me a good scolding. Since then, I have not gone out for a single time... Come on, sis, let's go outside the city to hang out!
  • (Moonlit City outskirt. The moonlight is like a quiet river.)
  • (A big banyan tree is extending its branches under the moonlight, among its branches elusive green light spots are shimmering.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Hush...
  • (He makes a gesture to Xie Lisheng, and sneaks up to a firefly on the tree, then suddenly covers it with his hand.)
  • Xie Guizhou: One more! Sis, I'm way ahead of you.
  • Xie Lisheng: Don't be too cocky too early. I'm catching up soon!
  • (The stars glitter in the night sky. Clear moonlight quietly shines down onto the two. Cool night wind blows on their hair.)
  • Xie Lisheng: It's such a beautiful moon night tonight.
  • Xie Guizhou: Yes! Finally, I can catch a breath. You have no idea how boring it is to be forced to read those scriptures and learn rules of management.
  • Xie Lisheng: Father is doing this for your own good. You are to be the mayor of Moonlit City. How can you manage if you cannot even figure out these?
  • Xie Guizhou: Hmm... It's boring to be a mayor. I want to do things I like just like Sister.
  • Xie Lisheng: Do you mean dancing?
  • Xie Guizhou: Hmm. Sister is so happy when you dance, sometimes, I even want to have a try myself...
  • Xie Lisheng: Really? Then... Zhou, can you do it now?
  • Xie Guizhou: No! You will laugh at me.
  • Xie Lisheng: Why should I? Come, show me.
  • Xie Guizhou: Okay... But you can never tell the others.
  • (The boy stands up and starts dancing under the moonlight.)
  • (Though a bit clumsy, he dances with a unique vigorous nature.)
  • (The girl sits quietly while watching, her eyes smiling.)
  • (Dots of fireflies circle the two, seemingly to warm up the cool night wind.)
  • (Suddenly, the boy stops.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Enough.
  • Xie Lisheng: Why? Zhou, you are dancing very well!
  • (The boy turns his face away, his blushed face hidden in the night.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Not even reach half of Sister's level... Let's catch some more fireflies to make a night lamp. Come on, sis!
  • (The girl nods, but when she tries to stand up, she staggers.)
  • Xie Guizhou: What's wrong, sis!?
  • (Her face looks a bit pale, but she manages a smile to the boy.)
  • Xie Lisheng: I'm fine. Let's go. We still have some time before daybreak.
  • Xie Guizhou: Alright... Let's compete with who can catch more fireflies! The loser... will carry the other on the back home! I'll change into cute pet clothing to attract more fireflies!

Concluding Dialogue Edit

  • (The boy turns to run to the banyan tree and doesn't hear the sound from behind.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Sister?
  • (The boy turns back and only sees the girl lying on the ground, motionless.)
  • Xie Guizhou: ...Sister!

Bird in Cage Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

Candle burns out. Time changes people.

  • (Mayor's Palace)
  • (Candlefire shakes, making subtle sounds from time to time.)
  • (The dim light reveals several figures in the room.)
  • Xie Yuan: Doctor Yue, is my daughter alright?
  • Doctor Yue: The lady is ok. She will wake up by daybreak. But...
  • Xie Yuan: But what?
  • Doctor Yue: I'm afraid, Mayor, but I have to say...
  • Xie Guizhou: Speak, what's wrong with my sister?!
  • (A young man jumps out from behind the screen, shouting.)
  • Doctor Yue: The lady's heart disease is congenital. I'm afraid there's no way to cure her.
  • (Doctor Yue shakes his head and tells something to Xie Yuan in a low voice, seemingly very helpless.)
  • Xie Guizhou: No way! My sister has been very healthy. Aren't you a doctor? Heal her!
  • Xie Yuan: Calm down!
  • (Xie Yuan's words are harsh, but the sorrow in his eyes cannot be hidden.)
  • Xie Yuan: So my daughter... Doctor Yue, do you have any method?
  • Doctor Yue: The lady should avoid movement and take more rest. Maybe...
  • Xie Guizhou: Maybe she will recover one day?
  • Doctor Yue: Maybe she can earn some more days. As for the rest, I'm sorry that I cannot help. I feel for you.
  • Xie Guizhou: No way! My sister was so healthy. She dances so well... This is impossible. Impossible...
  • (Candlelight dances and silence returns.)
  • (Through the wooden flower window, the morning light shines into the room, illuminating the dust dancing in the rays.)
  • (Xie Lisheng sits on the bed, looking outside the window.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Sis, check out what I got here!
  • (The lad rushes into the room with a snack box in his hand. He opens it before Xie Lisheng.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Look! Your favorite osmanthus cake from the shop in the western part of the city. You have no idea how long the queue was... Take a bit! It's freshly made!
  • (Xie Lisheng manages a smile on her pale face, then pinched a piece of osmanthus cake and takes a nibble.)
  • Xie Lisheng: Thank you, Zhou... I like it.
  • Xie Guizhou: ...But you don't seem to like it. Sis, what do you want? I buy it for you! As long as it cheers you up.
  • (Xie Lisheng rubs the young man's hair, a soft smile on her face.)
  • Xie Lisheng: Sister is happy now. I don't want anything.
  • Xie Guizhou: (But sister is not happy. It's so obvious... How can I cheer her up?)
  • (Xie Guizhou looks at her face. The original flower-like face has turned pale and even a smile is toil to her.)
  • (So the lad decides to cheer his sister up every day. He makes faces, he tells jokes, he makes a fool of himself in front of his sister...)
  • (The sister looks at the boy with a soft smile. She is smiling but the boy can see the sadness in her eyes.)
  • (Xie Lisheng often sits by the window side, staring at those withering peach flowers, and the birds, who stay shortly before they fly away.)
  • (And the boy stands at a corner where Xie Lisheng cannot see to watch her.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Sister...

Mid-Autumn Night Edit

Drops Serene Petals

  • Attributes: GorgeousElegantCutePureWarm

A dance in mid-autumn. The mist is gone.

  • (Spring and summer come and go, as leaves go yellow, it's mid-autumn.)
  • (Today is a special day for the whole Moonlit City.)
  • (Lanterns are hung up and families reunite. Everything is so complete like that full moon in the night sky.)
  • (Moonlight casts down gently on the windowsill. This is the room that Xie Lisheng has not stepped out in the past few months.)
  • (She sits by the window, looking at the white moon in the sky quietly. What's in her mind nobody knows. That pair of bright eyes yesterday is now overcast by thick clouds now.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Sister!
  • (Xie Guizhou shows up below the window, with a package in his embrace.)
  • Xie Guizhou: What are you looking at, sis?
  • Xie Lisheng: I'm adoring the moon.
  • Xie Guizhou: Boring! It's the same every year. Let me take you to a good place. I prepared you a surprise!
  • Xie Lisheng: But... Doctor Yue said I should rest.
  • Xie Guizhou: Don't worry, I'll carry you there!
  • (Xie Lisheng shakes her head after a while of thinking.)
  • Xie Lisheng: I don't know. Zhou, thank you... But I don't want to go anywhere.
  • Xie Guizhou: Sis, just this one time, come on! Today is the mid-autumn festival. I want to go view the flower lanterns with sister. We did this every year.
  • (Xie Lisheng cannot bear to get him disappointed and finally nods.)
  • Xie Lisheng: Okay.
  • (Carrying Xie Lisheng on his back, Xie Guizhou come to the riverside of Moonlight of Moonlit City and puts her down.)
  • Xie Lisheng: Zhou... What is this?
  • Xie Guizhou: Wait a minute, sis. I'll be right back!
  • (Xie Lisheng has no idea what's going on, but she sits waiting as her brother said. On the clear water, bright moonlight ripples.)
  • (The whole city is in the festive atmosphere. Every house is hanging up the flower lanterns. There is laughter everywhere.)
  • (A figure in a dancing dress with butterfly embroidery shows up from behind a tree.)
  • (It begins dancing. The familiar move, long sleeves, rotation to the beat... So familiar like herself.)
  • (Xie Lisheng watches in a trance. Water mist gradually rises in her eyes.)
  • (She sees herself, the girl who focuses on dancing so much that she forgets everything else.)
  • (She thinks of those moments when she danced. Below the sky and above the earth, she is the wind the middle.)
  • (That concentration without reservation gives her pure happiness.)
  • (Xie Lisheng suddenly bursts into laughter. Like the first ray of sunshine dispels the thick fog, true and powerful.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Sis, you are smiling!
  • (The music suddenly stops. The figure stops and when he turns around, Xie Lisheng finds it's Xie Guizhou in the dancing dress. He now has his hair made into the style of hers.)
  • Xie Guizhou: This is the prayer dance sis prepared for the city ceremony. I've learned a long time... How does it look?
  • Xie Lisheng: Hmm, Zhou, you are dancing very well. I'm very happy. But how can you...
  • Xie Guizhou: I know your dancing is your favorite... Though you cannot dance now, you have me.
  • Xie Lisheng: Zhou...
  • (Xie Lisheng opens her arm to Xie Guizhou. Xie Guizhou squats and buries his head in her waist. Xie Lisheng holds her brother closely.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Don't be sad, sis. I'll dance for you from now on, just like you are dancing yourself, alright?
  • Xie Lisheng: ...Yes.
  • (Xie Lisheng rubs brother's head on her waist.)
  • Xie Guizhou: Sis, this dance is not finished yet. How about we finish it together?
  • Xie Lisheng: Yeah, let's do it.
  • Xie Guizhou: Change into gorgeous and elegant dancing dress ! Maybe you will get more inspirations!

Weisheng Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

Ceremony under moon. The music never stops.

  • (The last day of a year is the annual ceremony of Moonlit City, the most important and highly anticipated day to all the citizens.)
  • (In the evening, the mayor will have a feast and all the citizens will gather to enjoy the dinner and share the harvest of that year and best wishes for the next year.)
  • (Since Xie Lisheng was 10, she has been performing dancing for the annual city ceremony, in wishing to bring good weather and luck.)
  • (It's been 8 years, but this year...)
  • Citizen A: I wonder what's the situation of the lady now. They said she couldn't make it to the next year.
  • Citizen B: Such a good girl... Why fate is unfair.
  • Citizen A: So sad that there will be no more prayer dance this year.
  • Citizen B: ...
  • (When Xie Yuan announces the beginning of the ceremony, a sound of drum suddenly sets in.)
  • (Dong, dong, dong-dong.)
  • (The drum beats are rhythmic, and there comes a red figure on the wall.)
  • Citizen A: Is that our lady?
  • Citizen B: But isn't she...
  • (The drum goes louder and louder, and the red figure begins the moves to the beats.)
  • (Hands fold and unfold, the body jumps and spins to the beat, clothes flutter vigorously. Under the light, that red figure is like a burning flame.)
  • (That dance seems to possess the power of life, making viewers hold breath.)
  • Citizen A: That's...
  • (On the wall, the dancer is Xie Guizhou.)
  • (Wearing the dancing dress sewn by Sister, he learns every move and every expression from his sister.)
  • (At that moment, Xie Guizhou thinks of nothing.)
  • (He only knows, this dance is most important to his sister.)
  • (He only knows, his sister likes dancing. Dance is her life.)
  • (He only knows, maybe his sister cannot see him now, but she will be happy knowing he's doing this instead of her.)
  • (He only knows...)
Sis, are you smiling?
Garden Secret Mayors Sister
  • (The noise seems very near, but also very far.)
  • (The shaking candle lights up the room of mayor palace. A thin figure sits on the bed, quietly looking outside the window.)
  • (There is nothing outside but that dark night.)
  • (But Xie Lisheng could almost see a red figure dancing devotedly in the light.)
  • (She hears the rhythm of the drumbeat. From far to near, it knocks on her heart.)
  • (Then she seems to see the darkness turns into a snow-white field, with no one in the vision.)
  • (And she melts into that drum, turns into dust, and flies freely.)
  • (Slowly, she lets out a smile, like a flower blooming in a dark corner.)
Thank you, Zhou. I'm really happy.
  • (In that elusive bustling sound, she closes eyes, with a contented smile on the face.)
  • (On the wall, Xie Guizhou finishes the last move.)
  • (Firewood blooms in the sky, and thundering clapping comes from below the stage incessantly.)
  • (Xie Guizhou looks at the fireworks in the night sky. Tears fall down his cheeks, but he is smiling.)
Sis, this dance is named Weisheng.
It means 'the music never stops'.
I will dance for you. In the years later.
  • (Fireworks rise into night sky and bloom, dyeing the black sky into various colors.)
  • (The next year must be a year of harmony, happiness, and prosperity.)

Princess's Story Edit

Garden Secret Toto Map

Fairy Tale Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

Do the prince and princess in fairy tale live happily every after in the end?

  • (Year 665, New Era. Welton.)
  • (In the night, Toto wears a cute pajama and lies on the bed. Mom sits by her side, telling a fairy tale in a soft voice. Warm yellow light by the bed outlines mom's gentle figure.)
  • Mom: '... Dwarves and animals in the forest are invited to the wedding too. In everyone's blessing, the prince and princess live happily ever after.' That's it. Toto, time to sleep.
  • Toto: What's after?
  • Mom: After?
  • Toto: Yes, what happened after they happily live together?
  • Mom: Mom has no idea either. The story ends here.
  • Toto: So after princess and prince got married, are they happy?
  • Mom: Just sleep. You are thinking too much. Goodnight, my baby.
  • (Mom tucks Toto in and when she lowers her body to give her a kiss, she suddenly stops like something suddenly came to her mind.)
  • Toto: ...Mom?
  • Mom: Nothing, sleep, my princess.
  • Toto: Mom, goodnight. And, mom, happy birthday.
  • Mom: Thank you, you have said that many times today.
  • Toto: I just want you to be happier.
  • (Toto closes her eyes. Mom puts the book on the bedside table, turns off the light, and walks out the room before she closes the door.)
  • (Moonlight casts down through white curtain into the room. Toto opens her eyes and takes a look at the fairy tale book beside.)
  • (Toto gets up quietly. She walks to the door barefooted and carefully opens a seam of the door.)
  • (Outside, mom sits in the living room, her pale face lit up by the dim light from tv. With one fist covering her mouth, she lets out several suffocated coughs.)
  • (She then looks to the doorway. It's black there.)
  • (Mom's shadow is drawn very long. She looks thin and lonely.)
  • Toto: Dad is not back...

Dinner Edit

Drops Serene Petals

  • Attributes: GorgeousElegantCuteSexyCool

The dinner is the last time Toto saw her dad.

  • (Bright classroom in the afternoon.)
  • (After the bell, the students pack up things and discuss how they spent the last weekend in groups.)
  • Classmate A: I went to the park on Sunday. I took such a huge Ferris Wheel! Mom and dad said they would take me to a bigger one next time!
  • Classmate B: My mom and dad took me to a beautiful restaurant! Then we went to that, that... fountain show!
  • Classmate A: Wow, a fountain show! Hey, Toto, what did you do? Did your parents take you somewhere fun?
  • (Toto, who has been quiet all the time, raises her head.)
  • Toto: No...
  • (Toto says goodbye to her classmates. At the school gate, she sees a man who's waving at her and runs over.)
  • Toto: Dad!
  • (The man who has been absent for a long time lifts Toto.)
  • Dad: It's a good day that I'm not busy, so I come to pick Toto up.
  • (Back to home. Mom has made a table of dishes. The three finally have a meal together.)
  • Dad: Toto, can you go back to your room. Dad and mom want to discuss something.
  • (It sounds nothing, but Toto senses something unusual.)
  • (She returns to her room, but she leaves the door a seam-wide open.)
  • (She sees mom and dad are sitting by the table, facing each other silently. It seems they have been like this since she can remember.)
  • (But she knows it's not what other parents are like.)
  • (She went to her friend Lya's home. Lya's mom would grumble a lot about Lya's dad and Lya's dad would listen in a smile.)
  • (She remembered that Lya's mom is always smiling, even when she is grumbling about Lya's dad. There is a light in her eyes like 'Toto sees cotton candy'.)
  • (But her parents never quarreled. In Toto's memory, they barely talked.)
  • Dad: Are you sure?
  • Mom: Hmm, this is not the life I want.
  • (On that day, dad packed up things and walked out of the house. That's the last time Toto saw dad. That tall figure disappeared and never showed up another time.)
  • (She still remembered after dad left, mom washed utensils in the kitchen as usual, but her tears kept dropping onto her hands.)
  • (On that day, mom didn't tell bed story to Toto as usual.)
  • (From that day, there are only two of them in the home, but that oppressive quietness is gone.)
  • (Mom has more time to do things she likes. There is a new flower in the glass bottle on the table every day.)
  • Toto: The princess and little princess live happily together ever after.
  • (Listening to the fairy tale Toto makes up herself, mom rubs Toto's head in a smile.)
  • Mom: Yes, yes. With Toto around, Mom wants nothing else. Come on, prepare an elegant and gorgeous short dress. I'll take you to an opera tomorrow.

Princess Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

Will princess feel tired when she is alone?

  • (The next day, in the theatre.)
  • (Looking at other happy families around, Toto takes a look at mom then sits down quietly.)
  • (The show begins after the applause and cheers. In joy and tear, the actors bring the audience into a fairy tale world.)
  • (In the end, prince and princess hold together and then the curtain falls.)
  • Toto: Mom, are these all false?
  • Mom: What?
  • Toto: The story on stage is false. Princess doesn't need the prince to free her. She can defeat the witch herself, right?
  • Mom: If she can only rely on herself to protect those important to her, she must be strong.
  • (When mom says these, her face is hidden in the darkness. Toto cannot see her face.)
  • (The light is on. Mom takes Toto's hand.)
  • Mom: Alright, let's go. My little princess.
  • (In the night, mom sits on Toto's bed and opens a fairy tale book as usual.)
  • Mom: Long long ago, there is a beautiful princess...
  • Toto: Mom, I don't want to listen to the fairy tale tonight. Can you sing a song for me?
  • Mom: Okay, but Toto must sleep after the song.
  • (Mom closes the book in a smile. Then she starts singing in a soft voice.)
  • Mom: Sleep, sleep, my dear princess...
  • (White moonlight shines into the room. Toto finds that some wrinkles have climbed onto the corners of mom's eyes. She reaches out to fondle them.)
  • Toto: Mom is a princess. Mom is the most beautiful.
  • (Toto falls asleep in mom's song. She thinks of a question she forgets to ask during the opera.)
  • (Will princess feel tired when she is alone?)

Birthday Edit

Drops Serene Petals

  • Attributes: GorgeousElegantCutePureCool

Toto's birthday wish is that her mom can be a real princess who lives happily every day.

  • Mom: Toto, today is mom's birthday and I have prepared a nice dinner.
  • (Toto watches mom carefully lights up the candles on the cake.)
  • Mom: Toto, make a wish.
  • Toto: But it's your birthday today. You should make a wish.
  • Mom: Mom's wish is to realize Toto's wish.
  • Toto: Okay.
  • (Toto closes eyes and makes a wish in her heart and then blows out the candles with mom.)
  • Mom: Toto, what's your wish?
  • Toto: I cannot speak. It will lose effect.
  • (Toto looks at mom's face, thinking to herself.)
  • Toto: (I wish, mom can be a real princess that lives happily every day.)
  • (Several years later, Toto finds mom has somehow changed.)
  • (Since when she has no idea. Mom now would take out dresses long forgotten in the wardrobe and adore in front of the mirror for a long time before she goes out.)
  • (Mom seems to smile a lot more than before. Sometimes, she would burst into laughter suddenly. Toto rarely saw she's so happy every day.)
  • (It's another birthday of mom. She wears a beautiful dress and makes up before the mirror.)
  • (Toto looks at mom, who looks like a real princess walking out from the book.)
  • Toto: Mom, are we going out today?
  • Mom: Yes, mom wants to have a special birthday with you this year.
  • Toto: Special?
  • (Mom's face suddenly catches a touch of red, like a cute young girl. She squats and touches Toto's head.)
  • Mom: If, there is a gentleman who wants to celebrate with us together, will Toto mind?
  • (Mom looks at Toto. She is nervous.)
  • (Toto rarely saw mom in such an expression. She cannot help nodding.)
  • Toto: ...Yes.
  • (Mom suddenly bursts into a big smile, her eyes like crescents.)
  • (Mom never looks more beautiful than that moment. Even the wrinkles on her eye corners are like brilliant moonlight.)
  • Mom: Little princess, will you change into cute skirt ? My beautiful little princess must be very popular.

Prince Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

Maybe prince and princess will live happily forever

  • (Toto sees the gentleman mom said.)
  • (He is not as tall and handsome as dad in the memory, but he spots mom in the crowd instantly.)
  • Man: Nice to meet you, little princess.
  • (The man squats to match the height of Toto, his eyes warm and sincere.)
  • Mom: Take our little princess in. Do you want to make her sick?
  • (Mom seems to be angry, but Toto knows she's not as her eyes are like crescents.)
  • (When mom and that man are together, it seems that they ignore the whole world. Mom is no longer silent. They can talk all day long.)
  • (When mom looks at that man, there seems to be light in her eyes, just like when she sees cotton candy.)
  • Man: Toto, I promise you I will make you happy every day in the future. So, are you willing to accept me as the guardian of you and your mom?
  • (Toto takes a look at the man, and her mom, a beautiful princess in the fairy tale but nervous one. Those eyes are full of expectations.)
  • (Toto doesn't know what to say, but she knows, if she nods, mom would be very happy and that's what she wants.)
  • (Toto thinks of that birthday wish she once made.)
  • Toto: I can agree... But you have to keep your words.
  • (In the night, mom sits on the bed, telling a bed story to Toto, which has been suspended for a long time.)
  • Toto: Mom, so will princess and prince truly live happily ever after?
  • Mom: That depends on if the princess really meets a true prince.
  • Toto: A true prince?
Garden Secret Toto
  • (Mom gently touches Toto's soft hair.)
  • Mom: I believe, every princess has a destined prince. Soon or later, he will appear in your life and no matter what do you look like, you will recognize each other instantly.
  • Toto: So, does mom meet the true prince? Is him that mister?
  • Mom: Mom doesn't know, but I believe time will give us the answer.
  • Toto: So... What will my prince be like?
  • Mom: Then you must seek yourself. When a man can give you special happiness, he could be your prince.
  • Toto: ...Special happiness?
  • Mom: Yes, when you think of that man, you will get such a feeling that you can eat cotton candy, wear a beautiful dress every day.
  • Toto: So will I become a princess, just like mom? Can I?
  • Mom: Of course, my little princess is so cute, mom believes that your prince is expecting to meet you right now.
  • (Toto nods. She seems to know something looking at mom's smiling face.)
  • (In the fairy tale, the prince holds the princess's hand and then kisses her cheek.)
I'll find my prince.

Lost Traveler Edit

Garden Secret Starlet Map

Lost Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

Starlet's getting lost routine.

  • (Year 667, New Era. Lilith.)
  • (It's a sunny day. On the crowded street, Starlet is walking holding a notebook, mumbling something.)
  • Starlet: At the cross, turn left... Left is... This way. Then go forward, then you will see... Hey, where is the post office?
  • (Starlet stands at the cross and looks around, totally lost.)
  • Starlet: No way. There should be a post office around here. Where is it...
  • Paserby: Are you looking for the post office?
  • (Starlet looks at the passerby alertly. She seems to be jogging for morning exercise.)
  • Starlet: ...Hmm.
  • Passerby: The post office is not far away from here. It's...
  • Starlet: No, thanks. I can find it myself.
  • (Starlet shakes her head quickly. Ignorant of the passerby, she quickly runs away.)
  • Starlet: Get lost again...
  • (Starlet looks around)
  • Starlet: I have not received grandma's letter for a long time... It seems that I cannot find the post office today. I better go home.
  • (Starlet holds the notebook, walking back according to the map she drew herself.)
  • (Starlet walks back and forth in the block for dozens of times, and until the moon rises and draws her shadow long, she finally finds the familiar door.)
  • (*Squeak-)
  • Starlet: I really should not go out in the first place.
  • (Starlet lies on the bed. She doesn't turn on the light and stares into the ceiling lit up by bright moonlight. The helpful lady's face jumps into her mind suddenly.)
  • (But soon, the lady's image is replaced by the dark forest in the memory.)
  • Starlet: Is it this way?
  • Mate: Yeah, this forest is a shortcut. Cross it and then you will be home.
  • Starlet: Thank you!
  • (Starlet thanks him sincerely, but misses the sneaky smile of the others.)
  • (Starlet remembers that she was walking in the forest for so long until the sunset, and that day is a moonless night.)
  • (Tall trees, like giant beasts, surrounded her. She hid in the bushes, crying until she fell asleep in fatigue. It was not until the second morning that grandma found her.)
  • Starlet: I just, just don't want to get fooled again.

Gift Edit

Drops Serene Petals

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The birthday gift from grandma is a divination book.

Garden Secret Starlet
  • Mate A: Look, look, it's her.
  • Mate B: Eh, it's her? She doesn't look like that stupid...
  • Mate A: She doesn't even remember the road home. Every time she gets out, she just cannot go back.
  • Mate B: Haha, she's such an idiot? Cannot even remember way home?
  • (Those words are buzzing in her head.)
  • (Starlet lowers her head, walking by silently.)
  • (She always hears these words, 'Starlet is a fool', 'Starlet is so useless.' She is getting numb.)
  • (Is she really a useless idiot?)
  • (Right, how can one possibly forget the way home after so many years? Except for an idiot.)
  • (Starlet still remembers the handmade candy she prepared herself. She planned to give it to a classmate next door.)
  • Mate C: Who will play with an idiot? Playing with an idiot will make you an idiot.
  • (Yeah, nobody will play with an idiot.)
  • (Starlet looks at those extremely similar roads, feeling only lost.)
  • Starlet: They look so similar.
  • (She stops, looking at the roads and buildings ahead, seemingly hearing those taunts again. She feels she cannot breathe.)
  • Starlet: I want to go home.
  • (Starlet turns back, but after several steps, the roads become strange again.)
  • (She bites teeth and walks ahead. At the cross, she picks a road randomly. Finally, she is home before sunset.)
  • (She goes to the door, opens the mailbox, and takes out a package inside.)
  • (She returns house. The package is a letter and a book. The letter says 'To my most beloved granddaughter, Starlet. Happy birthday.')
  • Starlet: It's a gift from grandma!
  • (Starlet opens the book, finding that it's a divination book. The flyleaf reads, 'Find the direction of heart for the lost.')
  • Starlet: Can it really help me find the direction... Then I will change into simple academic style to study divination seriously!

Invitation Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

The only chance, invitation to the Night of Divination

  • (It's sunny outside, but the house inside is completely dark. The thick curtain closes tightly, blocking the light outside.)
  • (A figure sits on the bed, reading a book in the hands.)
  • Starlet: Give up all the thoughts and let your mind calm down and concentrate... And again, again...
  • (Starlet reads the texts on the book, but still confused.)
  • Starlet: How to concentrate...
  • (She puts away the divination book. She looks at the floor under the window, on which a beam of sunlight makes its way through the curtain.)
  • Starlet: Will I find the way after I learn this? But I'm so stupid...
  • (She mumbles, staring at the light beam. Soon, she looks back and shakes her head.)
  • Starlet: Don't think of too much, anyway... If I don't go out, there will be nobody laughing at me and I won't be lost.
  • (Though she says so, she takes up the book aside and goes on reading.)
  • (Suddenly, a card slips off the book.)
  • Starlet: Invitation to the Night of Divination...
  • (A notice written in gorgeous script.)
  • ('Secret diviners from various parts of Miraland will gather here to share the secrets of divination.)
  • ('There will be five invitations and they will be delivered randomly. If you are interested in exploring the mysterious world of divination, it will be an unforgettable night.)
  • Starlet: Night of Divination... There will be many great diviners there. Maybe... it's a chance for me.
  • (Starlet holds the invitation tightly in the hand, making a decision secretly.)
  • ('Sha-'. The tightly closed curtain is pulled open suddenly, letting in the light to fill the whole room.)

Secret Woman Edit

Drops Serene Petals

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A forest you cannot walk out from. And the secret woman.

  • (Starlet has walked around the forest for a whole day, yet still unable to find the way out.)
  • Starlet: It's getting dark...
  • (Starlet looks around. The sun has set down.)
  • Starlet: Will I be trapped here forever?
  • (Starlet lowers her head. The desperate suffocating feel comes back again, like that night many years ago when she was fooled into the forest by her friends.)
  • (She feels it's the same forest and she will never get out.)
  • Starlet: I can do nothing properly. I cannot make it to the Night of Divination. This could be my last chance.
  • (With those in mind, she sits down under the tree and prepares to give up.)
  • Starlet: Will I be trapped in this forest forever? But even if I find the way out, it makes no difference. I will still be laughed at.
  • ???: Poor little thing.
  • (A voice comes from above suddenly. Starlet looks up and finds a strange woman in a strange black hat sitting on the branch.)
  • Starlet: Who are you? Why are you sitting on the tree?
  • Star Seer: I'm observing the stars.
  • Starlet: Observe the stars... Are you a diviner too?
  • Star Seer: Too? So you must be a diviner.
  • (Starlet feels her ears getting warm and lowers her head in a blush.)
  • Starlet: Not really. I'm just a beginner.
  • Star Seer: Don't worry, divination is not that hard. Observe with your heart and you will see the secrets in the stars and nature.
  • Starlet: But I am a fool who cannot even find the way home. I cannot do anything.
  • Star Seer: Unable to find the way home? That's no big deal.
  • (The words set Starlet in flame instantly. She stands up and says.)
  • Starlet: You know nothing because you have not gotten lost before, so you have not been laughed at before, so you think it's no big deal.
  • (Hearing the rebuke, the woman, however, does not get angry. She squints and smiles at Starlet.)
  • Star Seer: My dear, how do you know I have not gotten lost before?
  • Starlet: Do you get lost too?
  • (Star Seer nods and pats the empty branch by her side.)
  • Star Seer: You wanna come up to get a better view? But you have to change into light and dirt-proof clothing first.

Morning Star Edit

Story Stage Story Stage

A determined heart is the compass.

  • (Under the starry sky, night wind gently kisses the branches, making rustling sound in the quivering leaves.)
  • Starlet: Star Seer?! You are that powerful diviner? The book says divination can help people find the right direction. Is that true?
  • Star Seer: Of course.
  • Starlet: But you said you get lost too.
  • Star Seer: I did, but before I became a diviner.
  • Starlet: What happened?
  • Star Seer: Then I see the stars.
  • Starlet: Stars? What's special about the stars?
  • (Starlet looks at the night sky as Star Seer does.)
  • (The night sky is like a black curtain dotted with various stars arranged in a seemingly special rule. They shine different lights.)
  • Star Seer: Stars have their own rules. The brightness and position of a star may change all the time, but it changes in a certain way. So whenever you look up, you will know.
  • Starlet: But how does that help you find the way?
  • Star Seer: Have you heard about the morning star?
  • Starlet: Yes, it's the brightest star in the sky.
  • Star Seer: Yes, morning star always appears at the transition phase between day and night. It's always the brightest one in the sky, so you can never get mistaken.
  • Starlet: So... if I will not get lost when I find it?
  • Star Seer: Much more than that.
Garden Secret Starlet 2
  • (Star Seer takes out a crystal ball and hands it over to Starlet. It emits purple light and its inside are many stars, just like the night sky.)
  • (In the night wind, Star Seer's voice is ethereal and long.)
  • Star Seer: For a very long time, I was doing meaningless things. I actually had no idea what should I do.
  • Star Seer: It's like a cross. I didn't know where to go, and I didn't know if I should go on walking. My mind was lost, but the starry sky showed me another possibility.
  • Starlet: What possibility?
  • Star Seer: Stars don't get lost. Because stars have been moving since forever in its way, morning star shines forever and every star has its own way.
  • Star Seer: This, to us humans, is like a strong heart. It's really no big deal to not remember the road. There are many people who remember the road living their lives in a lost way.
  • Starlet: A strong heart... then you will not get lost?
  • Star Seer: With a strong heart, you will not get lost. Why so bothering over finding the correct way? Sometimes, getting lost will lead you to some special views. So don't be afraid.
  • Starlet: I never thought that way. Those are just the wrong roads to me.
  • Star Seer: When you have a direction in your heart, the road you walk is right.
  • Starlet: But, how to find the direction in your heart?
  • (Star Seer looks down at Starlet, smiling. Her eyes are lit up by the crystal ball, glittering like stars.)
  • Star Seer: If you like, we can find it together.
  • (At that moment, Starlet's heart seems to be bitten by a small bug, a little numb, but with a feeling very special.)
  • (Something seems to have been blown into her heart, blowing away the thick fog that lingers within for so long.)
  • (Like a ray of light shines into a dark cave, and all the cold and damp things disappear.)
  • (Starlet seems to understand the meaning of morning star. She nods and laughs.)
  • Starlet: Yes.
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