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In the garden full of flowers, 3 special flowers are blooming quietly but beautifully.

Garden Secret was a stage event that ran from December 7th to December 16th, 2019.

Complete stages of the event map to collect Serene Petals Serene Petals. After obtaining certain amounts of Serene Petals, you can unlock pieces of the outfits Prayer Dancer, Rosy Waltz, and Starry Mentor. After claiming pieces, Serene Petals are used up. Of the three suits, you can choose which one to unlock.

Collection RewardsEdit

Prayer Dancer Edit

Character: Mayor of Moonlit City

Petals CollectedReward
128 Flowing Cloud Grace (Earrings)
128 Laughter Whisper (Leglet)
128 Buried in Thought (Hair Ornament)
132 Frown (Face)
145 Moon and Rainbow (Shoes)
148 Lonely Snow Light (Brooch)
150 Beautiful Makeup (Top)
168 Temple Flower (Hair)
170 Guizhou's Thought (Makeup)
188 Lisheng's Words (Coat)
180 Music All Over the City (Bottoms)
190 Gold Bell Jade Pendant (Ground)

Rosy Waltz Edit

Character: Toto

Petals CollectedReward
128 Seawater Rose (Necklace)
129 Dance to Light (Leglet)
130 Bluebird's Blessing (Gloves)
135 Bosom Friend (Earrings)
140 Fluttering Color (Brooch)
160 Navy Oath (Foreground)
165 Neon Veil (Veil)
168 Reflection on Water (Ground)
170 Happiness Prelude (Hair)
180 Rosy Heart (Makeup)
185 Door to Dream Ocean (Background)
200 Ice Blue Dream (Dress)

Starry Mentor Edit

Character: Starlet

Petals CollectedReward
120 Star Echo (Hosiery)
120 Glittering Star (Necklace)
120 Night Blossom (Hair Ornament)
120 Galaxy Poem (Earrings)
132 Prayer (Shoes)
133 Guiding Star (Waist)
128 End of Faith (Background)
150 Midnight Ballad (Hair)
135 Lost in Mortal World (Ground)
140 Wind Flower Tail (Coat)
156 Light of Fate (Foreground)
168 Caring Eyes (Makeup)


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