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Galaxy Serenade is a long-term Wish Court pavilion where players can wish (draw) to obtain furniture. The player can wish once for free every 48 hours. A normal wish costs 40 Diamonds Diamonds. Five wishes may be made at one time for 200 Diamonds Diamonds. First time wishes are 50% off. This guarantees 4-5 heart furniture. The player can also use Wish Tickets to draw without paying Diamonds Diamonds.

List of Furniture[]

Super Rare Furniture H6.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
BlueSkyandClearWaterIcon.png Blue Sky and Clear Water Apple Tag.png Carpet
MelodyfromNightSeaIcon.png Melody from Night Sea Apple Tag.png Ornament
FashionVisionIcon.png Fashion Vision Apple Tag.png Cabinet

5-star Super Rare H5.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
ReachNewPeakIcon.png Reach New Peak Apple Tag.png Window
QuietTerraceIcon.png Quiet Terrace Apple Tag.png Window
QuietSkyIcon.png Quiet Sky Apple Tag.png Ornament
UtopiaIcon.png Utopia Apple Tag.png Bed
SubtlyPlainIcon.png Subtly Plain Apple Tag.png Cabinet
LuxuryDresserIcon.png Luxury Dresser Apple Tag.png Cabinet
BirdcageRockingChairIcon.png Birdcage Rocking Chair Apple Tag.png Chair

4-star Treasured H4.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
LightgreyNarrowLinesIcon.png Light grey Narrow Lines Apple Tag.png Wall
WhiteFloorTileIcon.png White Floor Tile Apple Tag.png Floor
NarrowWindowandMeditationIcon.png Narrow Window and Meditation Apple Tag.png Window
StarrySkyIcon.png Starry Sky Apple Tag.png Window
SceneryonStageIcon.png Scenery on Stage Apple Tag.png Major Appliance
GentleGlitterIcon.png Gentle Glitter Apple Tag.png Major Appliance
FireflyIcon.png Firefly Apple Tag.png Major Appliance
ElegantFloorLampIcon.png Elegant Floor Lamp Apple Tag.png Major Appliance
SeaSkyandTreeShadowIcon.png Sea, Sky and Tree Shadow Apple Tag.png Wall Decor
GreenPlantinWhiteBottomIcon.png Green Plant in White Bottom Apple Tag.png Plant
ABottleofCherryBlossomIcon.png A Bottle of Cherry Blossom Apple Tag.png Plant
PrivateSpaceIcon.png Private Space Apple Tag.png Ornament
UnknownHushIcon.png Unknown Hush Apple Tag.png Ornament
ExquisiteLifeIcon.png Exquisite Life Apple Tag.png Ornament
ElegantPartitionIcon.png Elegant Partition Apple Tag.png Ornament
NobleShelfIcon.png Noble Shelf Apple Tag.png Cabinet
SimpleFoldingIcon.png Simple Folding Apple Tag.png Chair
StarMapShelfIcon.png Star Map Shelf Apple Tag.png Cabinet
FreeStyleIcon.png Free Style Apple Tag.png Table
LeisureLongSofaIcon.png Leisure Long Sofa Apple Tag.png Chair
ElegantLongSofaIcon.png Elegant Long Sofa Apple Tag.png Chair
LiteralWealthIcon.png Literal Wealth Apple Tag.png Cabinet
NapinCloudIcon.png Nap in Cloud Apple Tag.png Chair
VigorousandResoluteIcon.png Vigorous and Resolute Apple Tag.png Table

3-star Treasured H3.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
TwinklingCityLightsIcon.png Twinkling City Lights Apple Tag.png Window
ModernFloorLampIcon.png Modern Floor Lamp Apple Tag.png Small Appliance
WarmHomeIcon.png Warm Home Apple Tag.png Ornament
VitalityIcon.png Vitality Apple Tag.png Plant
ClassicTriangleIcon.png Classic Triangle Apple Tag.png Carpet
ScentedMemoryIcon.png Scented Memory Apple Tag.png Ornament
FreshSummerNightIcon.png Fresh Summer Night Apple Tag.png Plant
BlackThinBlanketIcon.png Black Thin Blanket Apple Tag.png Carpet
GreyThinBlanketIcon.png Grey Thin Blanket Apple Tag.png Carpet
FantasyChainIcon.png Fantasy Chain Apple Tag.png Wall Decor
OceanEchoIcon.png Ocean Echo Apple Tag.png Wall Decor
BlackWhiteStarryNightIcon.png Black-White Starry Night Apple Tag.png Wall Decor
SlimandGracefulIcon.png Slim and Graceful Apple Tag.png Plant
SoftGreyCushionDarkIcon.png Soft Grey Cushion-Dark Apple Tag.png Carpet
SoftGreyCushionLightIcon.png Soft Grey Cushion-Light Apple Tag.png Carpet
WarmMemoriesIcon.png Warm Memories Apple Tag.png Wall Decor
RoundWallLampIcon.png Round Wall Lamp Apple Tag.png Wall Decor
FreeSkyIcon.png Free Sky Apple Tag.png Chair
TheSimplestIcon.png The Simplest Apple Tag.png Table
SoftLeatherLowFootstoolShortIcon.png Soft Leather Low Footstool-Short Apple Tag.png Chair
SoftLeatherLowFootstoolLongIcon.png Soft Leather Low Footstool-Long Apple Tag.png Chair
SoftFantasyIcon.png Soft Fantasy Apple Tag.png Chair
MinimallyRoundTableIcon.png Minimally Round Table Apple Tag.png Table
Apple-pieOrderIcon.png Apple-pie Order Apple Tag.png Cabinet
ZebraStripedChairIcon.png Zebra Striped Chair Apple Tag.png Chair
CloudandDreamStoolIcon.png Cloud and Dream Stool Apple Tag.png Chair
BusinessChairGreyIcon.png Business Chair-Grey Apple Tag.png Chair
SoftLeatherChairWhiteIcon.png Soft Leather Chair-White Apple Tag.png Chair
CloudStoolIcon.png Cloud Stool Apple Tag.png Chair

Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Galaxy Serenade N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Sérénade de la Galaxie Galaxy Serenade
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 星河小夜曲 (xīnghé xiǎoyèqǔ) Galaxy Serenade
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
星河小夜曲 (xīnghé xiǎoyèqǔ) Galaxy Serenade
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A