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Galactic Classics is a Story Suit that can be obtained from the Time Yard Pavilion or exchanged in the Pavilion of Glaze using Karma Crystal. Completing this suit will grant the player the Stellar Atlas suit.

Completion Prize: Galactic Classics.


Alternate Series (Pose)[]



Renee often looks up at the starry sky, wondering what's behind it. A curtain? A canvas? Though they are thousands of miles away, sometimes it feels like they are just beyond reach. They can be seen, but never touched. Clothes dotted with stars are as fascinating as the night sky; aside from bows and hearts, the most popular element of Lilith women’s apparel are the stars themselves.

When night falls, Renee likes to lay upon a grassy knoll and feel the autumn breeze as she stares up at the vast Milky Way; even if she were to spend every night like this, she would never get bored of it. The sky changes every night, and the stars shine with a different kind of beauty with each passing second.

One night, a comet streaks across the sky, leaving a long, glowing tail in its wake. Renee is immediately enraptured by it; this is the first time she’s ever seen a comet! It is more beautiful and moving than a shooting star, but it was gone too soon. Renee deeply reveres the starry sky and so she often looks up at it, but what she truly desires is to seize them; to attain their power, soar up into the heavens, and pluck every last one out of the sky for herself.

It has always been her fantasy, taking priority even over her love for matching. She goes to the observatory every day, the starting point for her march on the stars, and begins conducting meticulous research on their positions and movements. She studies the vast galaxies fervently, hoping she will unravel the mystery of the starry skies.

Ever since, a rumor begins circulating around the Lilith Apparel School. When night falls, the gates of the underworld open within the observatory, and a ghost haunts the grounds until the morning comes, constantly emitting a faint glow...

Item Descriptions[]

Only two things in the world attract me, the lofty morality and vast starry sky.

Look up into the sky. It looks so tranquil but also glittering and charming.

The galaxy is so vast that even a big discovery seems to be so insignificant.
Galactic Classics

The starry sky was so charming to Renee that every night she will lie down and watch it to sleep.
Splendid Galaxy

As time goes, the stars never cease moving. Renee never gets tired looking at it.
Day and Night

When the comet passes, it took Renee's heart away. She wants to seize it not only in memory.
Polestar Glasses

Observatory appears in the mind of Renee. She just wants to watch the stars using the telescope.
Star Grass

Renee decides to explore the secrets of the stars. The urge has taken her.
Star Atlas Manual

It's said that every star stands for one person on the earth.
Arch Brows


The suit describes a Lilith girl named Renee, who used to wonder about the night sky and look at it every night. One day, she saw a comet for the very first time, and became obsessed with looking at the stars and studying them in an observatory, hoping to "unravel the mystery". Meanwhile, inside the Lilith Apparel School, a ghost roams the grounds "emitting a faint glow".

See also: Stellar Atlas, Four Seasons.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Galactic Classics N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Classiques galactiques Galactic classics
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 摘星典籍 (zhāi xīng diǎnjí) ???
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
摘星典籍 (zhāi xīng diǎnjí) ???
Japanese Flag.png Japan 星摘みの書 (Hoshi tsumami no Sho) Star Harvesting Book
Korean Flag.png South Korea 별을 찾아서 (byeol-eul chaj-aseo) Searching for Stars
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Galaksi Klasik Galactic Classics
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Hái Sao Picking Stars
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Galactic Classics N/A



  • The stool pictured in the promo image is Ladder for Research.