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On a full moon night, in the castle on the cliff, a witch is holding a ball.

Full Moon Dance is a player vs player event that ran from October 28th to November 3rd, 2020.

How to Play[]

Team up with another player and compete in a 2v2 styling battle based on a theme to earn Moon Med Moon Med.png. The theme changes to a random one every 5 attempts and you are given 5 free chances each day. More attempts can be bought for 30 Diamonds each. The player's performance is also based on a random buff which will last for the next five turns. When you collect a certain amount of Moon Med.png, you will be able to claim rewards like in-game currency or parts of the Lone Wolff and Flame Witch suits.


Each buff will be ranked between 1★ and 3★, with 3★ giving the most powerful buff.

FMD Moon Grace.png FMD Night Shadow.png FMD Witch's Whisper.png
Moon Grace Night Shadow Witch's Whisper
Increase your score Increase partner's score Gain extra tokens


Noble Girl[]

An innocent and elegant noble girl looks at the heavily-wounded werewolf with softness in her eyes.

  • Style: Simple.png Elegant.png Mature.png Pure.png Warm.png

Night Escape[]

At midnight, some noise in the forest startled perched ravens. Wolff trudges in light clothes.

  • Style: Simple.png Lively.png Cute.png Pure.png Warm.png

Elegant Knight[]

He's like an elegant knight who pushes the gate of the castle for her. From know on, nothing can bother them.

  • Style: Simple.png Elegant.png Mature.png Pure.png Cool.png

Ball in Castle[]

In the castle covered with thorns, Witch is holding a ball. Wear gorgeous and mature ball gown to join!

  • Style: Gorgeous.png Elegant.png Mature.png Pure.png Warm.png

Collection Rewards[]

# Collected Reward
50 Breath of Fate
1,000 Gold
120 Moon Edge
5 Stamina
200 Swift Figure
2 Starlight Coin
280 Mark of Courage
2,000 Gold
330 Sweet Temptation
10 Stamina
375 North Sirius
1 Wish Coupon
420 Shapeless Bond
5 Starlight Coin
465 Full Moon Illusion
5,000 Gold
510 Fate Curse
15 Stamina
555 Trap-dotted Path
1 Wish Coupon
600 Fight of Trial
5 Starlight Coin
645 Solitude
8,000 Gold
690 Shimmer of Moon
20 Stamina
735 Road of Exile
1 Wish Coupon
780 Knotted Karma
10 Starlight Coin
825 Fated Encounter
10,000 Gold
870 Sharp Claw Wolf
20 Stamina
930 Flaming Shadow
10 Diamonds
990 Hunting Plan
1 Crystal Shoe
1,050 Night Aroma
2 Wish Coupon
1,110 Night Chase
10 Starlight Coin
1,170 Bat Shadow
1,000 Gold
1,230 Silver Moon Faith
20 Stamina
1,290 Rosy Glamor
2 Wish Coupon
1,350 Ancient Feud
10 Starlight Coin
1,410 Blood-stained Coffin
12,000 Gold
1,470 Flame Enchanted
30 Stamina