A collaboration event with Disney's Frozen. There are also two accompanying recharge suits available in the Boutique.

Draw from the event's pavilion using Ice Invitations Ice Invitation to gain pieces of Snow Sovereign and Pure Adventurer. Ice Invitations Ice Invitation can be purchased using Diamond, with each one costing 100 Diamond and the first one costing 50 Diamond.

Obtaining a new item from the pavilion will award Royal Castle RoyalCastle and obtaining a duplicate item will award a Secret Snowflake SecretSnowflake. Royal Castle RoyalCastle and Secret Snowflake SecretSnowflake can be exchanged for two Backgrounds. Extra SecretSnowflake can be exchanged for other in-game currencies.

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The recharge suits were available from the Boutique. Coronation Anna costed $3.99 USD and came with 200 Diamond and 200 VIP Exp. Coronation Elsa costed $1.99 USD and came with 100 Diamond and 100 VIP Exp.

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Frozen Web Pavilion

During the event period, the website had a special event which involved sharing to Facebook for a random code. The code could then be redeemed in-game for items and currency. It was open from February 19 to March 4, 2020.

There were pieces of the Festivals suit New Wishes as well as Gold, Starlight Coin, and Stamina.

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