Frigidfog City is a city in the North Kingdom. It is near the Rocky Mountains.[1]

History Edit

Before Year 652 Edit

Nidhogg's father was a successful commander and general in Frigidfog City. Though he was not very close to the other officers, he won many battles and was considered the "god of Frigidfog City". He had a close relationship with his wife, and in 652, they had a son, Nidhogg.[1]

Year 657 Edit

Nidhogg's father was envied for his success and was considered overbearing by the other officers in Frigidfog City. They framed him for bribery and treason, and he was arrested on a cold night. His army was dismissed, everything valuable he owned was taken from him, and his family was sent out of the city. The family's butler could only take his wife to a safe place. When the butler returned, the entire mansion had been ransacked. He couldn't find Nidhogg anywhere, and the only thing he left behind was his favorite pipe.[1][2]

Though the arrest was considered top-secret, through word of mouth the story was spread among the people of Frigidfog City.[1]

Locations Edit

Bar Edit

The bar has a counter as well as booths, and there are old songs playing inside it.[1]

Hotel Edit

The hotel has two stories, and the hotel rooms are quite small. However, it's kept neat.[1]

Additional Locations Edit

  • Nidhogg's family's mansion
  • Bell tower
  • Bus station
  • Slums[1]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Frigidfog City
Korean Flag South Korea 안개성 (Angaeseong)

References Edit

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