Fox Mask
Fox Mask
Under the coquettish and elusive fox mask are the most beautiful face and saddest eyes.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Accessory, Hair Ornament
Style: Kimono
Attributes: GorgeousElegant
Rarity: H4
Color(s): White/Red/Orange/Gold
Wardrobe #: 141
Obtained by: Clothes Store
Fox Mask can be bought in the Clothes Store for 5828 Gold.

Appearance Edit

A white fox mask with orange-red patterns and a tassel of the same color hanging from one side..

Crafting Edit

Used to craft Edit

Gallery Suit Edit

Fox Mask is part of the Cloud Empire suit Maple Leaf Ninja.

The other parts of this suit are Maple-Epic, Maple Leaf Ninja, Maple Night-Epic, Maple Ninja-Epic, Red Satin-Epic, Rhombic Nail and Kunai.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Elegant Cute Sexy Cool
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