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Fox Bride is a Cloud suit that could be obtained from the Fox Bride Time-limited Pavilion.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Pitch dark Hair, Wedding of Kitsune, Pact of Fate, Memory and Treasure and 40 Diamonds.

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  • Hair: Kitsune's Message
  • Dress: Girl's Dress
  • Coat: Human's Instinct
  • Shoes: Wedding After Rain
  • Veil: Name and Love
  • Hairpin: Lie and Name
  • Brooch: Shapeshift Sorcery
  • Tattoo: Kitsune's Will
  • Tail: Kitsune's Tail
  • Foreground: Servant of Kitsune
  • Background: Season Card
  • Head Ornament: Guardian of Kitsune Fire
  • Ground: Yoco's Hobby Horse
  • Makeup: Yoco

Alternate Series (Pose)[]

  • Hair: Pitch dark Hair
  • Dress: Wedding of Kitsune
  • Veil: Memory and Treasure
  • Hairpin: Pact of Fate
  • Tattoo: Kitsune's Will
  • Foreground: Servant of Kitsune
  • Background: Season Card
  • Ground: Yoco's Hobby Horse
  • Makeup: Yoco


Item Descriptions[]

A kitsune's wedding? But how does a fox marry? My heart almost stopped after I heard the words.
Kitsune's Message

Why is it raining on such an important day? The Kami is joking with us. He must find this fun and be watching us.
Girl's Dress

No. Actually, the kitsune's wedding refers to the sunshower.
Human's Instinct

Ah, I worried too much. I thought someone already knew I'm a Kitsune… Relax, nobody can see through my trick.
Wedding After Rain

Whether she deceived you or not, I cannot forgive the woman who had the same name with me.
Name and Love

I told him my name before I left. He tried to look for me but married a human woman who declared to save him.
Lie and Name

So I took her place. I tied her up and threw her into the mountains. One Yohko is enough for this village.
Shapeshift Sorcery

Shame. I prepared to release the woman if you can detect my real identity. Now that you cannot, why not marry me?
Kitsune's Will

A fool like you will never know it's the fox who saved you that walks beside you.
Kitsune's Tail

My mom is glad that I can marry a human. I also disguised my mom into the form of a human.
Servant of Kitsune

I should have been happy, but there is a shadow in my heart. I never regretted what I did, why?
Season Card

I saved your life two years ago. I healed yor wounds in the mountain and lit your way home with my fire.
Guardian of Kitsune Fire

Are you really marrying the human? Of course. The Hobby Horse besides me doesn't seem happy.
Yoco's Hobby Horse

Finally, I saw you. I knew you would come to me as I mistake you with another woman.

I was shocked by the words. So you never forgot me. You dated that girl so that you can see me again.
Pitch dark Hair

I've been waiting for the reunion too. Thank you for remembering me. Sweet Yohko, he doesn't love you actually.
Wedding of Kitsune

Yohko must have been saved. I lied in the mountain that day was to lure you Yokais out.
Memory and Treasure

I walked beside the kitsune. There is still some way from trap ahead. My long plan will conclude finally.
Pact of Fate


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Name by Server[]

Complete Star.png Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Fox Bride N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Renard Mariée Fox Bride
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 花嫁殷狐 (huājià yīn hú) Floral Wedding Red Fox
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
花嫁殷狐 (huājià yīn hú) Floral Wedding Red Fox
Japanese Flag.png Japan 狐の嫁入り (Kitsune no Yomeiri) Fox Wedding
Korean Flag.png South Korea 여우 신부 (yeou sinbu) Fox Bride
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Pernikahan Rubah Merah Red Fox Bride
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Cô dâu bí ẩn The mysterious bride
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Fox Bride N/A
Thailand Flag.png Thailand เจ้าสาวจิ้งจอก (Cêās̄āw cîngcxk) Fox Bride