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There are four clans which are respected nobility in the Cloud Empire: Yue, Bai, Zhu, and Ming. They meet each year at the War of Cloud Summit, where they have a designing competition to celebrate the new year.[1]

Note: Characters marked with a * are the clan leader.

Families Edit

Yue Clan Edit

  • Clan name: Tiger[2]
  • Area: West
YueQianshuang Bustup
Yue Qianshuang*
Yue Zhanming Bustup
Yue Zhanming
Sword Master[3]
Unknown Person
Huo Qizhou
Ex-General of Lor River City

Huo Qizhou is part of the clan as well despite not sharing the same family name. Following the fall of Cloud City due to Huo Qizhou's failures, Yue Qianshuang felt as though she must take responsibility for his actions due to them being part of the same clan.[4]

Bai Clan Edit

Clan name: Dawn Dragon[2]
Area: East
BaiYongxi Bustup
Bai Yongxi*
Regent of Cloud Empire[5]
BaiJinjin Bustup
Bai Jinjin
White Goddess
White Goddess
Unknown Person
Bai Jinjin's Father
Unknown Person
Bai Jinjin's Mother
Unknown Person
Bai Yuandao
Prime Minister[5]
Father of Bai Yongxi[5]
Unknown Person
Bai Yiyue[6]

The Bai clan was first mentioned through the love affair of Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi. The head of the clan, Bai Yongxi, is the Regent of Cloud,[5] the Royal Mentor of the Cloud Empress[7] and Bai Jinjin's cousin.[8]

The Bai clan holds a key position in the royal court. After war broke out, Bai Jinjin went to the capital of Cloud in order to convince her father to have the government help the situation in Cloud City.[9]

It is possible that Miss Bone belongs to this family as well, as she has the name Bai Duoduo (白朵朵) on the Chinese server, which uses the same character for the family name as the rest of the Bai family.

Zhu Clan Edit

Clan name: Power Phoenix[2]
Area: South
ZhuYuxian Bustup
Zhu Yuxian*
South King
ZhuRuosheng Bustup
Zhu Ruosheng
Military advisor to Lor River City[10]

Ming Clan Edit

Clan name: Deep Ocean[2]
Area: North
MingShuiyuan Bustup
Ming Shuiyuan*
MingYuhua Bustup
Ming Yuhua

Trivia Edit

The Four Clans are based off of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations[12] - the azure dragon, vermilion bird, white tiger and black turtle. These creatures have great significance in eastern culture, and the Four Families reflect the creatures and the directions they represent.

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