Fortunate Flowers
Fortunate Flowers
It is a tradition in Flowerfield on Cloud border to launch a flower fair in Spring Festival.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Top
Style: Modern China
Attributes: LivelyCute
Rarity: H3
Color(s): Red/Gold/Black
Wardrobe #: 424
Obtained by: Tower of Zen

Fortunate Flowers can be obtained through a draw from the Tower of Zen.

Appearance Edit

A red Chinese top with gold borer and a split on each side, along with a faint gold floral print. On the top of the chest are four gold straps, and covering the upper-chest is grey fabric, with black fur lining the neckline. At the middle is a gold floral strap to accent the lining on each side of the arm, with a loop cut out to expose the skin. Beneath the loop is a white pom-pom and a pair of red tassels.

Customization Edit

Attributes Edit

Simple Lively Cute Pure Cool
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