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This article is about the suit. For the shoes from Knightly Courtesy, please see Forest Legend (Shoes).

Forest Legend is a Pigeon suit that can be obtained through evolution of its parts, which can be obtained from princess stages of V2: Chapter 1 Ode of Oren.

Completion Prize: 30 Diamonds.

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Alternate Series[]


She's an adopted child. It's said that her foster father found her in a wolf den when he collected herb in forest.
Young Girls in Forest

There are wild wolves in the forest, but they are very tame before her and often play with her.
Branch Pattern Gauze Dress

It's a small town on the border of Pigeon Forest where a slate road connects the houses of friendly people.
Fine Gauze Cloak

One day, a traveller came to the town. With a big bag and dusty windbreaker, he came from another world.
Plain Strap Sandals

She's a special girl. It took very long for her to learn to talk, and she spent a great amount of time in forest.
Wild Flowers in Mountains

The residents are very hospitable. They look after homeless little animals and plant flowers at their doors.
Beast-bone Necklace

Growing up in this town, she knows every townsman, and even can remember the name of her neighbor's sheep.
Plain Corset

A guest came to her house. She told him to stay away from the forest for there were wild wolves there.
Gentle Lady

However, the traveler now knows her secret in the forest. Though he promises to tell nobody, she is still worried.
Flower Pattern Gauze Dress

It's not true... I don't like him. I just... Just... Well, I cannot tell you. Anyway, it's not like what you think.
Lace Cloak

So the townsmen welcome him. They help him build a little house and plant flowers at his door too.
Bowknot Ankle Boots

Ignoring her advice, the traveler went into the forest alone and she rescued him before the wolves harmed him.
Jungle Rose

The traveler stays. His trip has ended. He likes this town where he can wake up in chirps and greet everyone.
Platinum Necklace

The traveler has gone to countless places, but only this place and this girl make him feel at home.
Elegant Corset

After the traveler settled down in the town, he went to the forest with her a lot. Gradually, the wolves trust him.
Goddess of Forest

All the people here are forced to leave and their flowers are trampled by the soldiers.
Leaf Pattern Gauze Dress

The townsmen don't want to leave too. This place is their home and the flowers and birds here are their friends.
Velvet Cloak

But the traveler never returns. Some say the duke has granted him death. She sets off to look for him.
Bowknot Thigh Boots

Later, a duke finds this place to his liking and plans to build a castle and plants roses for his future wife.
Palace Rose

The duke sends gold and then a warning. The soldiers think the wolves around are dangerous and hunt them down.
Dark Brown Wolf Ears

After summers and winters, after barren deserts and bustling cities, he finds this place and doesn't want to leave.
Pure Gold Necklace

Illusive wolf howls passed over from afar. The moonlight shines down and her shadow on the ground gradually shifts.
Embroidered Corset

On the wedding day, all the elites in the city came over. However, before that, nobody noticed the bride.
Goddess of Palace

The feast seems too noisy for the bride. She leaves the dinner quickly and leaves the Duke alone with all the guests.
Flower Pattern Dress

Duchess wears a red cape on the wedding as if to match the red moon in the remote sky.
Red Velvet Cloak

What then? Momo asks impatiently. 'Later, the duke palace was attacked by wild wolves and thes duchess was lost.'
Bowknot Thigh Boots - Brown

Duchess wears a yellow daisy, covering her beautiful face in the white veil. Nobody noticed that unbecoming flower.
Yellowish Daisy

When the guests left, the drunk duke returned to the room. But under the bride's veil was a strange face.
Ashen Wolf Ears

She removed the necklace. It's not a jewel but a sharp dagger dipped in deadly poison.
Pure Gold Necklace - Tassels

Illusive wolf howls passed over from afar. The moonlight shines down and her shadow on the ground gradually shifts.
Embroidered Corset - Brown


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Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Forest Legend N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Légende de la forêt Legend of the Forest
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 森林传说 (sēnlín chuánshuō) Forest Legend
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
森林傳說 (sēnlín chuánshuō) Forest Legend
Japanese Flag.png Japan 森の伝説 (mori no densetsu) Forest Legend
Korean Flag.png South Korea 숲의 전설 (sup-ui jeonseol) Forest Legend
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Legenda Hutan Forest Legend
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Truyền Thuyết Rừng Sâu Deep Forest Legend
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Forest Legends N/A