Football Game 2018
Football Game 2018
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Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden Suit
Obtained by: Claim in mailbox
Clothes store

Football Game 2018 could be obtained by claiming it in the mailbox from July 11th to 22nd 2018. It can now be bought in the Clothes Store. It is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

The mailbox message has the title "Sports Game GIVEAWAY!" and reads "Hey Nikkis, The world's biggest football game is in full swing NOW! What's your favorite team? Take this suit and CHEER UP for your team!" It is signed by Mo Mo.

Wardrobe Edit

What's the most popular hairstyle in Apple Academy? Students will tell you it's the Surin's High Horsetail.
High Ponytail

As the cheerleader of Flame, Surin changed the uniform into a midriff-baring style that shows your figure best.
Flaming Uniform

Surin has long legs and loves miniskirts. The miniskirt is not only sexy, it also stretches your legs visually.
Hot Miniskirt

Before Flame started the match, Surin took a cheering team dancing on the field, set the ambiance aflame.
Lava Sweetheart

Waving hands, jumping, running and having a difficult lift. All we do is to Cheer for you!
Dynamic Beat

Looks like a simple prop, it could actually be used to amplify the voice. Don't try to be slack!
Go Trumpet

A specially made football for matches on Flame's home court. It's a sign of energy and effort.
Flaming Football

The items are about Surin, a cheerleader for Flame. Her hairstyle is popular and she loves to wear more flattering outfits when cheerleading, such as a shirt that bares her midriff and a skirt that shows off her legs. She led a cheerleading team in a routine before a match, which made the crowd go wild.

Flame could possibly refer to Apple Academy or be Apple Academy's mascot.

Lore Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The item Little Imp is also about Surin, describing her as "a sexy cute little devil".

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