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The Flowing Garden event is a hell event that first ran from March 25th to April 9th, 2019. It later returned from December 17th to December 24th, 2019. It is the event for the Flow of Time series of story suits.

How to Play Edit

Draw in the pavilion to gain Fate Hymns FateHymnWind FateHymnFlower FateHymnSnow FateHymnMoon. You are given 1 free draw per day and may draw once for 45 Diamond or 10 times for 450 Diamond. Each draw will also give you Gold, Stamina, Diamond, or clothes.

After gaining 12, 30, or 60 of each suit's currency, you can exchange for parts of the suit. Once you have all parts of the suit, you can exchange that suit's currency for currency from other suits.

There is no avatar pendant given for this event.

Suits and ItemsEdit

Main SuitsEdit

Pavilion SuitsEdit

Super Rare ItemsEdit

Exchange Edit

Each draw from the pavilion will give a number of Fate Hymn, which come in four types: Wind Flute FateHymnWind, Bloom Zither FateHymnFlower, Snow Bell FateHymnSnow, and Luna Clarinet FateHymnMoon. Each of these event currencies corresponds respectively to the suits listed above.

After collecting 12, 30, and 60 of each Fate Hymn, you will receive pieces of the suit. At 60 of the currency, you will receive the entire suit.

After you have reached 60 of one type of Fate Hymn, you can exchange it for another type of Fate Hymn if you don't yet have 60. The exchange rate is 4:1.

First Wind Edit

Collect Wind Flute FateHymnWind to get the suit First Wind.

# of Wind Flutes Items Gained

Rose Kiss Edit

Collect Bloom Zither FateHymnFlower to get the suit Rose Kiss.

# of Bloom Zithers Items Gained

Illusive Snow Edit

Collect Snow Bell FateHymnSnow to get the suit Illusive Snow.

# of Snow Bells Items Gained

Watching Moon Edit

Collect Luna Clarinet FateHymnMoon to get the suit Watching Moon.

# of Luna Clarinets Items Gained

Gallery Edit

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