Flower in Winter
Flower in Winter
Camellia blooms in winter. But it's used to decorate the summer dress.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden Suit
Color(s): Mustard-Yellow/Red/Black
Obtained by: Sign in everyday during the 37th month

Flower in Winter is the 37th Monthly Sign-In suit. It does not have a completion reward as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

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Lore Edit

The most popular lipstick color at the moment in Cloud. Inspired by camellias, it goes well with a vintage hairstyle.
Countless Camellias

Camellia blooms in winter, but it has decorated many skirts after it went popular.
Flower in Winter

Although a bit hot, she insists to wear the stockings with the pattern of camellia to fit the dressing theme.
Snapped Stem

The red satin shoes with frog fastening are completed by Cloud and Apple designers together.
Frog Shoes

Camellia has pretty long florescence. It attracts bees and butterflies in warm spring.
Gold Butterfly Wings

Carve the poems of camellias on the handbag and remind herself to stay proud like camellia all the time.
Fragrant Stiches

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