Flower Moon Serve
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I'd like to live in the prison of love for you, to view the flowers blossom together.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Coat
Style Chinese Classical
Attributes: GorgeousElegant
Rarity: GH
Color(s): Pink/Orange
Wardrobe #: 319
Obtained by: Lucky Bags

Flower Moon Serve could be obtained from the Anniversary Lucky Bags.

Appearance Edit

A goldenrod robe-like jacket with a white ombre on the sleeves and bottom, along with a border and pale floral designs. The sleeves are large and flower shaped with a trim of white lace. At the bottom of each side is a single red tassel hanging from a single bead, along with two sewn to the sleeve. A soft red gradient scarf wraps around the arms and back. The user carries an umbrella or parasol entirely made from flowers with several lavender strands hanging from the back, along with a single tassel.

Gallery Suit Edit

Flower Moon Serve is part of the Cloud suit Flower Lyric.

The other parts of the suit are Flower Lyric, Flower Moon Flame, Flowery Memories, Tremulous Flower, Flower Moon Confusion, Flower Moon Jade and Flower Moon Joy.


Gorgeous Elegant Cute Pure Cool
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