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This article is about the location in Cloud Empire. For the suit, please see Flower Field.

The Flower Field is a massive field filled with flowers and illusions that separates Cloud Empire from Lilith Kingdom.[4] It is close in proximity to Mount Mango.

Description Edit

The magic of the Flower Field can reflect the inner thoughts of a person and bring out a different side to them.

The Flower Field is legendary for being the home of the Ancient Pavilion Designer, and according to Lunar, many people venture into it to meet him and learn his secrets. However, nobody succeeded.[4]

The Flower Field is dangerous, since it's easy to get lost in all of the flowers. Once you enter the field, a fog surrounds you that makes it difficult to navigate.[4] You also come across illusions in the form of phantom hallucinations and mirror images of people you know that are designed to trip you up.[5]

The Flower Field phantoms have the rule that you must beat them within an hour or be stuck in the Flower Field for ten days.[4] The illusions of people you know take on the personality opposite of their real-life behavior.[5]

The Ancient Pavilion cannot be reached without passing through an invisible ward, or seal, that keeps outsiders away.[6] It is possible that the Ancient Pavilion Designer created the seal, as he says that it "goes against [his] original intention". He laments that the seal not only keeps people out, but cages the people of the pavilion inside.[1]

History Edit

Year 630 Edit

Fu Su sold false esoterica here in this year, claiming to be the Pavilion Designer's student.[7] When the Flower Field Fairies confronted him, the Designer surprised them all by showing up and offering to actually teach Fu Su.[8]

They resided in the Ancient Pavilion from then on until the Designer's death, during or after the year 672.[1] Fu Su put his body on a raft and sent it down the stream of Mount Mango.[9] He then continued to live in the Ancient Pavilion.[2]

Year 680 Edit

Nikki and her friends came across the Flower Field while passing through to Cloud, and, interested in meeting the Ancient Pavilion Designer, passed the first test.[4] Fu Su found them and was impressed, leading them to the ancient pavilion while they played hide-and-seek and caught up with friends.[10] They met a playful and affectionate mirror-Lunar,[5] a sporty mirror-Kimi,[11] and a sassy mirror-Sofia.[12]

They finally passed the four tests of the Flower Field Fairies, and discovered that the Ancient Pavilion Designer had passed away some time ago, with Fu Su living in the pavilion and refusing to move on. However, Fu Su realized it was best for him to leave the Flower Field, and left with Winter.[2]

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Cloud Empire

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Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Flower Field
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 边境花田 (Biānjìng huātián)
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 邊境花田 (Biānjìng huātián)
Japanese Flag Japan 辺境の花畑 (Henkyō no hanabatake)
Korean Flag South Korea 환영의 꽃밭 (Hwan-yeong-ui kkochbat)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Đồng Hoa

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