Flower Engraving is the Monthly Sign-In set given to the player during their 20th month logging in to Love Nikki. It does not have an official completion award as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

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Do not overlook the bun that seems to be easy. It takes a stylist half a day to make this hairstyle.
Flower Wall Hairpin

The dresses that Nikki wore when she went to art exhibits with the Lady Kimi were all delicate and beautiful.
Flower Engraving

The shoes reminded Nikki of the rose garden in Wintermount. She missed the exotic young man at the tea party.
Rose Garden Dream

There were green and cute vines entwined in her bun, and the light pink rose among her hair was like a dream.
Rose and Vines

'Girls who like roses will be happy forever,' said the boss of the accessory shop from the Pigeon Kingdom.
Flower Choker

Nikki was buying earrings in an accessory shop. Though they were cheap, Nikki loved the shape of rose.
Pearl Rose

A rose-theme bag from Kimi. Like a swing made by flower vine, it swings beside the waist of Nikki
Flower Vine Swing

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The descriptions describe some of Nikki's adventures in Miraland, such as visiting art exhibits with Kimi, visiting an accessory shop in Pigeon and buying cheap rose earrings, and going to the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount.

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  • According to the official Facebook page, the craftable item Flower Vine Swing also belongs with this hidden suit.[1]

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