Flower Dream

Flower Dream, also known as Dream in Flower, was a time-limited Wish Court pavilion that ran from June 1st to June 7th, 2018. It returned from October 2nd to October 8th, 2019.

List of FurnitureEdit

Super Rare FurnitureH6Edit

Name Style Type
Designer's Gift Lilith Tag Ornament

5-star Super RareH5Edit

Name Style Type
Courtyard of Spring Lilith Tag Door
Strawberry Cream Cake Lilith Tag Wall
Sweetie Bunny's Dream Lilith Tag Bed

4-star TreasuredH4Edit

Name Style Type
Another Me in Dream Lilith Tag Ornament
Twin Hearts Sofa Lilith Tag Chair
Cream Roll Dresser Lilith Tag Cabinet
Clock Round Window Lilith Tag Window
Wild Flowers Floor Lilith Tag Floor
Poem of Journey Lilith Tag Ornament
Mirror in Heart Lilith Tag Wall Decor
Heart-shaped Small Sofa Lilith Tag Chair

3-star TreasuredH3Edit

Name Style Type
Nectar Lamp Lilith Tag Ornament
Wardrobe in Painting Lilith Tag Cabinet
Snow White Round Table Lilith Tag Table
Strawberry Cream Vanity Stool Lilith Tag Chair
Morning Dew Small Cabinet Lilith Tag Table
Strawberry Cream Chair Lilith Tag Chair
Good Night Sweetie Bunny Lilith Tag Carpet
Sweetie Bunny's Wonderland Lilith Tag Wall Decor
Nectar Wall Lamp Lilith Tag Wall Decor
Rose Table Lilith Tag Table
Sugar Cube Nightstand Lilith Tag Table
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