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Flora is a character in Love Nikki. She was a human girl who lived over a hundred years ago who became a friend of Chloris.



Flora is described as a little girl with bright eyes.[1] She wore cute dresses while she was in Pigeon, such as Bright Galaxy[2] and her favorite suit Sheer Dance.[3]


Flora was a very curious and inquisitive young girl. She didn't like to take no for an answer, especially when it came to exploring the forest and befriending Chloris.



When she was young, Flora was diagnosed with an incurable illness. Her father, Earl Imorton, took her to many famous doctors, but none of them could help her. He learned that she would die soon, so he hid the truth from her and took her around the world to travel with him.[4] She did not have any friends, except for her grandmother.[1]

Year 580[]

Flora went with her father to the Wing Manor on the edge of the Pigeon Forest one summer. Flora was entranced by the clothing in the manor, but she was more curious about the Pigeon Forest, despite her father's warnings.[5] During the night, she opened the window to see millions of fireflies, and she excitedly climbed over her windowsill to chase them around and follow them into the forest. It was then she heard the sound of a harp, and followed the sound to see an elf playing the harp on the bank of a lake.[6]

That elf was Chloris, and he was alarmed by her presence. Flora cheerfully introduced herself, but Chloris refused to talk to her other than to tell her she shouldn't be in the dangerous forest at night. She agreed to leave but suggested that they meet again the next day. Chloris was skeptical, but she pleaded with him, telling him he was her first friend other than her grandmother, and he cautiously agreed.[1]

Flora went to the forest every night after that, choosing to nap during the day instead. It didn't help that she found the manor relatively boring since most people there were busy working. She was fascinated by the Pigeon Forest for its beauty, and by Chloris who had never left the forest.[7] As she spent more and more time with him, she learned that in fact he couldn't leave the forest and that he was immortal. When she found out it was time for him to go to sleep again, they promised to meet each other the night before and dance together.[3]

However, Flora tripped and fell in the forest, and even though Chloris took her to safety, the incident made her weak and alerted her father to the fact she had made friends with him. Confined to her bed, she was surprised to hear the sound of a harp coming through her window, and realized that it must be Chloris.[3][4]

The next day, she came down with a fever. Her father took her away, presumably to the Apple Federation, without a chance to say goodbye to Chloris.[4] She later passed away, but was buried in the lawn near the Pigeon Forest. Her tombstone carried a message for Chloris, promising she would be there to wait for him to wake up.[8]



Chloris and Flora only knew each other for a short time during the summer of 580, but both were lonely people and took companionship with each other each day. However, fate was not on their side. Not only could Chloris not leave the forest due to it being the strength of his power, but he also had to go to sleep during the midsummer. Flora, being a young human girl, was not supposed to go into the Pigeon Forest, but did anyways. Additionally, her illness prevented her from staying in Pigeon for as long as she could have.

However, Chloris clearly meant a lot to Flora: in life she spent all the time she could with him, and when that came to an end, she was buried near Pigeon Forest with her tombstone carrying a message for him.

Earl Imorton[]

Earl Imorton, Flora's father, clearly loved her a lot and wanted the best for her. When he first learned she was sick, he did everything he could to cure her, and when that proved impossible, he just tried to give her the best life he could. However, he did not think the forest was safe and didn't approve of her forays into it.

Appearances and Mentions[]

Main Story[]

This character does not appear in any Journey stages.

Around the World[]

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Item Caption Icon
Ice Flame Bow Watered by his tears, the bow awakens and releases arrows which break time and space. There he sees Floral. Ice Flame Bow


  • "Dear Chloris, I believe you will find me, although I will have passed away for quite a long time then. I've never forgotten our promise under the starry sky. I will be right here waiting for you to wake up. Flora."
    — Flora's tombstone

Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized)
International.png International (English) Flora
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Laura


Flora is the Roman goddess of spring and flowers, as well as the goddess of youth. Her Greek counterpart is Chloris.


  • It's possible Flora is from the Apple Federation, as she wears designs from the Apple Federation Apparel Group and it's suggested she returned to Apple at the end.