Flashing Wind

Flashing Wind

Flashing Wind 2

Physical and Vital Information
Type: Story Suit
Gallery: Art of War
Color(s): Purple/White/Gold
Obtained by: Art of War Event
Completion Reward:

Flashing Wind is a Story Suit that could be obtained the Art of War Event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Rule the Heaven and the Earth, Reach the Sky, Void of Universe, Clattering Hoofbeats, Flashy Walk and 40 Diamond.

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[1] Time is limited for everyone, but not for Xiao Zong.

Possessing this infinite resource, he would just spend his days practicing swordsmanship by the waterfall, or enjoying the breeze in the valley after getting dead drunk. He has lived for so long that even time has become meaningless.

At his young age, he used to lead a wandering life on the Miracle Continent, trying to experience all the wonderful views.

However, as he went all over the land, he found the world to be nothing but a mixture of the same elements. No matter how extraordinary or fantastic a scenery could be, there must be a similar one somewhere else, and it is just a matter of time until it is found.

Well, not everything was totally disappointing. Here was this boy who was different from any others. At least Xiao Zong thought he was. All he could see in this young man was flourishing vigor, and the most amazing potential ever, a kind of infinite potential.

Ever since they met, Xiao Zong has put forth all his energy and efforts to support him, hoping the bud would release all his potential one day and burst into a glory of blossom.

However, on a rainy night, Xiao Zong received on last letter from the boy. The water stain on the envelope was telling the sorrow brought by the rain, or tears. The boy gave up his plan and life, and the only reason was love, which was boring as hell to Xiao Zong.

A huge magic circle was deployed in the South of the Cloud Empire, freezing the time and the flower field there. For sixty years, Xiao Zong has been waiting for another soul, one that could amuse him and make his life meaningful again. Day after day, he has been longing for another chance to feel the fascinating temperature of that vigor again.

But the reality failed him again and again. His hope and passion were like a pebble in the river, being washed away as time passed. Life has become mere suffering. He began to indulge food, wine, beauty, all that could stimulate his paralyzed mind.

The never ending waiting and the frozen time at the flower field have together made an inescapable cage, blocking him from any happiness. He even thought his mind would die in the middle of waiting.

That was until seven years ago when he found Zhu Yuxian.

The man was unique and interesting. He has got the most complex mind and the simplest feelings at the same time, making him the carrier of the sharpest conflict in the world. In Xiao Zong's view, this man could never make anything significant, but Zhu Yuxian went beyond his expectation.

Even if trapped hopeless, this man changed the game all by himself, and he smiled as always, as if things were going just as planned.

Finally, Xiao Zong got to walk out of the desert of his mind, and his long-frozen blood started to pump again.

Xiao Zong left the flower field. For the first time he began to cherish every minute of his life.

And Zhu Yuxian didn't let him down. Xiao Zong was on fire, and it was burning even more fiercely than that when he was young.

But the longer he stayed with Zhu Yuxian, the more certain he was about Zhu Yuxian's limit. Maybe that's all he got, he thought.

What Xiao Zong didn't expect was that Zhu Yuxian himself also found out that fact.

At Mansion Voyage Moon, Xiao Zong was teaching Zhu Yuxian the magic of forgetting and sealing. Zhu Yuxian has longed for this magic for long, so he tried very hard in order to master it as soon as possible. Seeing his hard work, Xiao Zong couldn't help laughing out of disappointment.

But Xiao Zong didn't see he would save the one who Zhu Yuxian tried to kill, the one he once loved.

The girl was totally different from Zhu Yuxian. Her mind was as pure as the driven snow.

If she could become what he expected, the two of them would definitely have an even more interesting story, and perhaps he could find the truth of the world and the true meaning of life in that story.

Hah, this is too fun a world to leave.

Thunders and winds come. Riding strong winds, Bixiao' soul turned into a human figure. She is awe-inspiring.
War of Heaven

Lighting flashing in the dark clouds covering Cloud Capital. Strong west wind blew. A war is imminent.
Force of Thunder

Her spear pieced the dark cloud. Her fighting spirit was so terrifying that it can tear the sky apart.
Fierce Battle in Gale

Her blood was cold, but her soul thrills. She was sleepless. Her soul was screaming - fight! Fight! Fight!
Aim at the Sky

Dark clouds approaching, the war was to begin. Sad flute music was heard. People hid and expected in dark.
Silver Boot Riding Wind

Standing on clouds with spear in hand, Feng watched the people. He caused the war, but he now lives leisurely.
War Elite

White-haired man's gown flew in wind. Warhorses were neighing. Only one man fought against fate.
Weakening Wind

Feng could hardly hold her shaking spear. With the impulse of fight and desire of kill, she was ready to move.
Invincible God Threatening Spear

She wanted to defeat the enemies all. The war began at a windy dawn. She only fights for fight's shake.
Living Souls Destroyer

The vied for power bored her. Merciless as harsh winter, Feng galloped on the battlefield.
Rule the World

She galloped under thunder, her spear shining. Her fighting spirit, shaking heaven and earth, remains forever.
Aim at the World

I've experienced a lot, yet the strife between different countries has not changed much.
Rule the Heaven and the Earth

Stars changing, a sign of disaster. War will fall on this continent. I wipe my spear and wait for it quietly.
Reach the Sky

Thunders become my soldiers. My spear! With thy I fight all the heroes! My fighting spirit will never die.
Void of Universe

Danger and enemies are nothing to Feng. Her spear, warhorse and fighting spirit were roaring. She never fails.
Clattering Hoofbeats


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