First Sight is a hidden suit that could be obtained from a mailbox gift from 12 February 2019 to 18 February 2019. It can now be bought in the Clothes Store.

The mailbox message has the title "Happy Valentine!" and reads "Special Valentine suits for special you! Can you feel my love?" It is signed by Mo Mo.

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After curling hair, she left the room. I have an appointment with Kimi. I mustn't be late!
Spirit Promise

Timi and her senior visited their alma mater. They can still remember the good old days.
First Sight

It is another busy day. The king was falling asleep and the guard draped a coat over the king's shoulders.
Fickle World

The North Kingdom is covered with snow. Nidhogg glanced outside and read the battlefield reports again.
Melting Heart

The grilled fish is delicious and gives off a pleasant smell, but Momo missed a nagging voice while eating.
Heart Top Hat

On Bai Jinjin's bedside table stands a photo taken at an amusement park. The two looks silly but sweet.
Heart Connection

'Musika, what will couples do on date?' 'Dinning, shopping and touring.' 'Then I've dated you for long!'
Heart Hand Bag

Toto is wearing the popular lipstick. With arms around her boyfriend's neck, she left her a on his face.
Wholehearted Kiss

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