Fate Trio

Ran from January 24th to January 30th, 2019.

Recorded in the Phonograph in the abandoned manor, a story remains unknown for ages. A girl of Demon Hunter family opened a Taboo Scroll, freeing Kindred from seal with her own blood. Collect Rusty Coin, unlock story in Phonograph, and retrieve the forgotten story in the past.

Complete Journey stages to collect Rusty Coins Rusty Coin and convert them into Listens. Each listen costs 2 Rusty Coin and you are given 5 free attempts to convert every day. More attempts can be bought for 24 Diamond each. When you listen a certain number of times, you’ll be able to collect rewards like the parts of the Red Nightmare and Moon Justice suits. The Rusty Coin Deal Pack is also available for $0.99. It gives 100 Rusty Coin and 50 VIP Exp.

See also: Minor Subplots/Fate Trio.

Collection RewardsEdit

# CollectedReward
5Desire Abyss
71,000 Gold
95 Stamina
11Death of Rose
135 Diamond
152,000 Gold
17Formless Yoke
195 Stamina
213,000 Gold
23Vanished Flower
253,000 Gold
278 Stamina
29Kiss of Curse
315 Starlight Coin
333,000 Gold
35Requiem of Freedom
378 Stamina
393,000 Gold
42Blood Night
465 Diamond
5010 Stamina
54Corrupted Feast
585,000 Gold
625 Starlight Coin
66True Lie
7020 Stamina
10 Diamond
74Long Dream Wake
Ruthless Chase
785 Starlight Coin
5,000 Gold
83Mortal Nightmare
Soul Axe
8920 Stamina
10,000 Gold
95Soul Wall
Devil Cry
1015 Starlight Coin
20 Stamina
109Blood Cage
Eternal Duty
11710 Diamond
1 Wish Coupon
125Phantom Storm
Night Judgement
1328 Starlight Coin
1 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
142Raven Curse
Void Chain
15210,000 Gold
2 Wish Coupon
164Lone Elite
Trial of Edge
17530 Stamina
2 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
189Unruly Soul
Chaotic Moon
20310 Starlight Coin
3 Wish Coupon
218Hunting Time
Night Graveyard
23420 Diamond
3 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
250Withered Prayer
Abyss Faith


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