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Ran from November 15th to November 21st, 2018.

Like a totem inscribed in blood, the fate is deeply hidden. Believe fate or yourself. A question even to the Seer. The follower of Norn the Goddess of Fate, Salma is reading the fate.

There will be an event map with 5 stages. Two stages are quiz stages and the other three are styling battle stages. Complete these stages to earn Faith Runes Faith Rune and exchange them for parts of the Dusk and Dawn and Star Invoker suits.


Dusk and DawnEdit

Completion Reward: Shimmer in Starlight, Sea of Moonlight, Mortal Moment, Dawn and Dusk, Tower of Time, Trail of Time

Total Cost: 1,059 Faith Rune

Star InvokerEdit

Completion Reward: Sealed Secret, Eternal Stardust, Star Says, Eye of the Unknown, Night Wild Dance

Total Cost: 1,015 Faith Rune

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